For lovers of Netflix series like Bridgerton and Emily In Paris , you might start to be interested in the idea of ​​decorating a classical princess themed room . Room decorations that feature a lot of carvings, both furniture and wall decorations are called the Parisian decoration style.

As the Parisian style is in demand, now many people are creative by combining the shaby chic style, you know. So that Parisian chic decor was born that was given a more feminine and vintage touch.

For those of you who also fall in love with Paris, which is called the romantic city and are interested in creating Parisian-style decorations in your bedroom, check out this article in full below, OK!

1. Parisian Chic is characterized by neutral colors. The most commonly used is white with decorative molding on the walls

2. Polished decor and furniture are sleek but simple. With a crystal chandelier as an attraction and an engraved standing mirror for the focal point

3. Parisian chic is a combination of minimalism, modern, and contemporary that creates a warm atmosphere. Carved fireplaces, oak floors and vintage vintage furniture

4. On the bed sheet, make sure the main color is also neutral. Choose a play of colors like pink, light gray, beige, or terracotta

5. Decorate your bed with enough pillows. Create Parisian elegance by ‘playing’ lace textures and simple floral prints

6. In addition to the standing mirror, a touch of Parisian chic style can also be obtained from the carved mirror that is arranged on the table leaning against the wall

7. Parisian chic decoration in the form of a bust that is indeed thick with the atmosphere of a Parisian museum is one of the mandatory items

8. Add a dressing table with gold knick-knacks. Paintings depicting the atmosphere of Paris can also liven up this Parisian chic atmosphere

9. The type of curtains that are usually used in Parisian chic decorations are long curtains that touch the floor with velvet, linen, or cotton

Parisian chic decorating ideas that you need to know are also actually identical to a small room. Because most apartments in Paris itself are small.

So it doesn’t matter how much room you have. Because most importantly, you pay attention to some of the details of the Parisian chic decoration points above. Maybe you can also immediately conjure up room decorations that used to be more elegant and seem more luxurious. Good luck!

By Jaya