After the successful first work, which managed to eliminate the horror genre, John Krasinski offers a new breakthrough into the silent universe with Sans un Noise 2. But will this sequel leave us speechless? Critical.

Faced with noisy slashers, John Krasinski chose to explore the silence. The directors are back with a new piece from the Sans un Bruit franchise , which takes more or less the same starting point as its predecessor . On Earth, bloodthirsty and blind creatures appeared overnight. To avoid them, the few survivors had to respect complete silence. A few days after the death of the father, mother and children must decide to find a new shelter to escape the monsters. But with a newborn, the journey will not be easy. On the way, they run into an old acquaintance who doesn’t seem really ready to help them.

After the introductory sequence, which serves to hang the car and introduce a new protagonist, Sans un noise 2 goes back to basics and plunges us into the heart of the noisy and dizzying universe. If the first film risked a slow introduction, no doubt a little too much, Sans un Bruit 2 decided to pick up the pace. Good news because the plot stakes are numerous, between the exploration of a new world for Regan Abott and the survival of Emily Blunt’s character and her two cherubs. If we can still spare some of the scriptwriting facilities, the plot of this new work increases in intensity and allows certain inconsistencies from the first film to be overlooked. Here, Krasinski took the time to lay the groundwork for his scriptwriting process and to build a more successful narrative framework. But the power of Sans un Noise 2 is based on this last minute, when the screenwriter decided to explore in more detail the chaos that has reigned on Earth since the appearance of the beasts. We also regret that this piece doesn’t last much longer, as it benefits from a strong argument. This could be John Krasinski’s way of opening the door for sequels.

Behind the camera, John Krasinski does not deny the success of his first film. We found it’s slow shooting and sense of framing that makes Sans un Bruit 2 such a veritable atmospheric feature film. Every plan is well thought out and must be watched with extreme care. Like the spikes in the first film, John Krasinski mastered the principle of Chekhov’s rifle dramaturgy which consisted in introducing elements that would become crucial in subsequent events quickly. A mastered visual identity that takes on its full dimensions as you listen. Because yes, Sans un Bruit 2 can be listened to as much as it is watched. The ingenuity of the director offers a series of beautiful explosions and is sure to make the audience take off from their seats.

Constantly oscillating between silence and frenzy, John Krasinski’s work plays with the deaf character Regan to build his jumpscares, to advance his plot and above all to offer a somewhat ambitious resolution. Nonetheless, we can lament the omnipresence of the original music, which sometimes tends to render this initial assumption null and void. John Krasinski will be interested in exploring the silence at any moment. We regret that he didn’t place the cursor to its full potential, and that he chose at times to breathe this heavy atmosphere through the musical sequences.

A new recruit to the franchise, Cillian Murphy takes on Emily Blunt at the top of her game. On screen, both actors showcase their talents with immersive and always fair play. Emily Blunt stands out especially in her incarnation as an aggressive and relentless mother, ready to do anything to save her offspring. This time, John Krasinski gives his protagonists even more density by exploring each other’s traumas. This attention to character construction allows children to take a more important place in the story. Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, who are two teenagers camping, are pretty good. Yet they are invested with a big stake: to represent a new generation of survivors who must adapt and fight the evil that is eating away at the planet.

With Sans un Bruit 2, John Krasinski reproduces the magic of the first work. If these films weren’t free from flaws, they would easily be overlooked because promises are kept. Even without the shock effects of the first film, the franchise manages to establish itself as a benchmark. Proof if needed that the saga has found its audience, Sans un Bruit 2 proudly sits at first place in the ranking of the most watched films in theaters across the Atlantic. This ish the first in the pandemic era to exceed $100 million in revenue in the United States.

By D14N