A record etched in the film industry in Japan. The record for the highest grossing film in Japan held by Spirited Away for 19 years was finally surpassed by Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train. An extraordinary achievement indeed. It’s nothing, the record for the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan was broken during the time or transition of the pandemic. As we know, the film industry is one of the hardest hit, especially for its cinemas, which are also one of the places that are forbidden to visit. With the success of Demon Slayer the movie can be a kind of breath of fresh air and a message for all cinema screen exhibitors who had suspended animation during the pandemic, that the experience of watching in theaters cannot be replaced by watching other alternatives.

You could say I’m one of those who aren’t too updated watching anime series. Following some anime series, but not too intense. So when I found out that Spirited Away’s record was broken by the adaptation of the anime series piqued my curiosity. And finally decided to try watching the anime series, which has only been running for one season. Moreover, this version of Demon Slayer the movie is a direct continuation of the last episode of the first season. Something rare, right? The film version of an anime series is mostly just filler episodes that are not related to the main storyline.

As mentioned above, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is a direct continuation of the last episode of the first season which aired in 2019. Tanjiro with his younger brother Nezuko who is also a demon and two traveling companions who are also demon slayers, Zenitsu and Inosuke continue their journey to carry out missions the latest to a passenger train that gets a strong suspicion of the abode of the devil after many passengers are missing. As expected the carriage was controlled by a powerful demon named Enmu. During the mission, the four of them met Rengoku, one of the strongest senior demon slayers. Rengoku and Tanjiro’s brief introduction led to an agreement that Rengoku was willing to become Tanjiro’s teacher to teach him the types and technical moves that Tanjiro had not mastered.

Well, those who have watched the first season of Demon Slayer will find it very easy to follow the storyline of this film. Starting from the characters to terms such as rank in the demon slayer organization or rank in the demon organization itself. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there were viewers who weren’t very connected to the film because they didn’t watch the series. The plot of the story is like no blemish for us to follow the series.

What really matters is the visuals and sound in the action sequences that we get from this film, which really deserves thumbs up. Assisted by the magnificent scoring, the action sequences become really intense. Moreover, the action sequence of the final Rengoku vs Akaza fight which is the best part of this film is closed with a drama that will make the audience gasp. The audience’s emotions were really mixed up in the last 30 minutes which caused hype to be even higher for the second season of the series later.

After watching this film, I understand a little why the film exploded in its home country. First because the film is a continuation of the series, the second is the final duel in this film is much bigger that has never existed in the series. Getting the intense moments is completely different from the visuals and sounds found in the cinema. This film really satisfies the fans. This is the first time I really get emotional watching a movie from an anime series adaptation. My advice for those who are interested in watching it, you should try watching the series first so that you get explosive emotions or sobs when watching the film.