Experiencing stress is one thing that not only interferes with mental health, but also physically can be attacked. Stress is caused by various things, such as piling up work, unstable financial conditions, poor social relationships, being abandoned by loved ones, or having unpleasant experiences.

In addition to the factors above, stress can also be triggered by routine activities that you do every day, you know. For example, having unhealthy habits, irregular rest patterns, and all daily activities that cause you to be out of balance. So, what other activities can make you experience high stress? Come on, watch and read to the end.

1. Too long alone

Being alone is sometimes good and useful to gain self-comfort, due to the various pressures in life. However, if you are alone for too long and every day you spend time doing activities alone, then this habit can also trigger high stress.

The risk of experiencing depression is difficult to avoid. Humans are social creatures, so it’s a good idea to balance your life with activities with other people. Maintaining good social relationships with family, friends, co-workers and others is something that can help you prevent stress in life.

2. Doing multitasking excessively

There are so many activities that you have to do and the work that needs to be done soon, sometimes it demands that you have to multitask . However, the activity of doing many things at one time, if you continue to do it, this can trigger high stress.

The time, energy and thought needed when you multitask will increase than usual. Energy can also be depleted, if you keep forcing yourself to do activities like this all day, then what will happen is feelings of pressure and stress will increase sharply. To prevent this, try to control yourself to be active with one activity first, then take a short break, after your energy recovers then you continue to do other activities.

3. Hang out with friends who have a negative influence

The circle of friends also has a big influence on a person’s mental state. In hanging out with friends who have a negative influence, you will feel negative things about yourself as well. Working with negative people will only add to the problems in your life.

You can feel sadness and other mental stress. These negative feelings can certainly trigger high stress. So, so that you don’t experience stress, then try to be more selective in choosing your social environment, so that your daily activities provide positive energy for yourself.

4. Messy resting pattern

Another daily activity that can trigger high stress is a messy rest pattern. The habit of sleeping late at night, in addition to disturbing physical health, this activity will also make you always filled with negative thoughts every day. Irregular activity is certainly closely related to the stress experienced by a person.

Immediately change your bad habits, so you can avoid high stress. Maintaining health is important and you must do it. Health is one of the valuable assets to achieve success in the future. Try to rearrange your rest hours to be more organized and sufficient every day.

5. Less productive habits

For those of you who are often lazy and always spend time just lying down, it is one of the daily activities that trigger high stress. However, if you are productive and always active, and have positive activities every day, then this will increase the feeling of joy in your heart.

That joy and happiness are things that can lower the risk of high stress. Try to be active by doing positive activities. For example, by doing social activities helping others, exercising, hanging out with friends, or other fun activities to fill spare time.

Immediately change your bad habits to be more positive, especially those related to daily activities. This is because daily activities can also trigger a person to experience high stress. Before increasing into depression, avoid the five daily activities above. Don’t let yourself ruin yourself just because of your own lifestyle.


By Jaya