Actor Morgan Stevens for days without news, found dead in kitchen

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There is another sad news from the entertainment industry in the United States. Actor Morgan Stevens, known for his appearances in Fame and Melrose Place, has died.

Morgan Stevens died at his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday (26/1/2022). He was found dead after days of no news.

He also contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to check, as written by TMZ quoted Friday (1/28/2022).

So the police say Morgan Stevens’ death occurred due to natural causes. The final condition was not explained further.

Morgan Stevens was born on October 16, 1951 in Knoxville, Tennessee. When found dead, he was 70 years old.

He started his career in Hollywood shortly after graduating from college. Some of the titles he has played include A Year in the Life, The Waltons, Roses are for the Rich, The Return of Marcus Welby MD

Morgan Stevens’ acting career had stalled after he was arrested for allegedly drunk driving in 1989. But the allegations were later not proven. During his detention, Morgan Stevens admitted to being treated roughly by the police, so he took them to legal action.