The COVID-19 pandemic, which is still not over, continues to have an impact on musicians to hold their concerts. The latest news is that Adele has reportedly canceled her appearance at the BRIT Awards after previously delaying her concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Although it is still confusing, this news seems to be true and there are still discussions regarding whether to appear or not. Of course, the organizers will try their best so that the diva can still appear to entertain her fans.

Announce Sudden Cancellation

As The Sun and Aceshowbiz reported, Adele suddenly announced that she would not be able to appear at this year’s BRIT Awards.

The source said if Adele really will not appear after the announcement. However, CNN Indonesia also reported that the organizers were still trying to talk to Adele about her decision.

Fear of causing problems after the cancellation of the concert

The reason why Adele also canceled her appearance was because of her concert in Las Vegas. Previously, Adele also made a brief announcement that her Las Vegas concert had to be postponed.

The team had to take the delay because half of the crew had contracted COVID-19. Of course, the concert preparations will not be optimal because half of their crew is forced to leave for their healing process.

Perhaps the postponement of the Las Vegas concert made Adele also cancel her appearance at the 2022 BRIT Awards. She had to do this so that there would be no mixed reactions because the announcement regarding her Las Vegas concert had also just been a few days earlier.

Nominated for the BRIT Awards 2022

Adele ‘s name itself was also included in several nominations at the BRIT Awards. Among other categories are Artist Of The Year, British Pop/R&B Act, British Album Of The Year and British Single Of The Year.

His inclusion in the BRIT Awards nomination is nothing but the fruit of the success of his brilliant comeback a few months ago. Starting from the single Easy On Me to the release of the album 30 , Adele has achieved various achievements after taking a hiatus for several years.