The latest SBS drama titled Again My Life has premiered since April 8, 2022. This drama managed to score an average national rating of 5.8 percent which made it the most watched drama in the Friday—Saturday night slot. The broadcast of the third episode on April 15, 2022, managed to penetrate the national average rating of 8.1 percent and still occupies the first position as the most watched drama, you know.

Even though it only been broadcast for two weeks, Again My life was able to make a big splash. Curiosity is unstoppable. Why did this drama improve so much in such a short period of time? What are the advantages? Well, the following series of reviews will answer your curiosity, here. Check it out!

1. Trusted actor Lee Joon Gi

Who doesn’t know actor Lee Joon Gi? His name alone is familiar to the audience and his fans are scattered everywhere. The actor, who is identical with the flower boy nickname , returns in the drama Again My Life after the drama Flower of Evil (2020) ends. Of course, many fans miss the action on the small screen. The drama Again My Life has even been called the “Joon Gi” genre since its first broadcast, because he displays impressive acting, you know.

The quality of his acting is unquestionable, chingu. In this drama, Lee Joon Gi plays two roles, namely as a prosecutor named Kim Hee Woo and the younger version of Kim Hee Woo. The man who was born on April 17, 1982 is even still suitable for wearing a high school uniform. He doesn’t look like a 40 year old ahjussi . In addition, Lee Joon Gi did not use a stuntman in his action scenes, you know.

In just the first two episodes, Lee Joon Gi has shown a wide spectrum of emotions, starting with Kim Hee Woo unjust death, the tears of relief that Kim Hee Woo shed when he got a second chance at life, as well as the chance to save his parents from an accident. In his second life, Lee Joon Gi showed Kim Hee Woo charismatic determination to uphold justice.

2. Kim Hee Woo main mission: Breaking his circle of enemies

One specific aspect of the drama Again My Life that captivates viewers is the satisfaction gained from watching Kim Hee Woo mission. In his second life, Kim Hee Woo returns to the life of 15 years ago, but with all the experiences he has in the future. Although he returned to the past, his memories of being in the future did not disappear. Well, because of that, Kim Hee Woo is confident in starting his mission to destroy the circle of criminals to the roots.

Kim Hee Woo goes back in time and changes fate by saving the lives of his parents, Kim Han Mi (Kim Jae Kyung), and Kim Kyu Ri (Hong Bi Ra). He meets people he has never met in his first life, such as Kim Hee Ah (Kim Ji Eun) and Lee Min Soo (Jung Sang Hoon) who will become partners to help him defeat Jo Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young).

3. The definitive theory of good and bad

Since the drama Again My Life is about a prosecutor who is passionate about upholding justice and punishing criminals, there is a clear separation between good and bad. Kim Hee Woo wants nothing more than to eradicate crime and show the true meaning of justice to a politician named Jo Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young) who is in the midst of a criminal cartel, always puts his personal interests first, and is always corrupt.

Although it seems cliché, this drama actually contains many live messages about good and bad things, you know. For example, reminding the audience not to use office authority for personal gain. This drama also shows how deep-rooted corruption is in society. Therefore, fill our souls with positive and useful things, so that we do not fall into the circle of crime.

4. Unique supernatural side story

The drama Again My Life is not the first supernatural fantasy drama, here. There are many other supernatural dramas that also mix spirit and human elements, such as Who Are You? (2013) and I Hear Your Voice (2013). Supernatural events affect the main character, but the location of these supernatural powers is rarely explained in detail.

It surprising that Again My Life combines spirit and human elements with some kind of unique time travel myth. Judging from the comments of the grim reaper in the red suit (Cha Joo Young) that Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi) might meet him if Hee Woo manages to catch Jo Tae Seob. The grim reaper who helped Kim Hee Woo turn back time seems to have some sort of grudge against Jo Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young). His statement also implies that he also most likely died at the hands of Jo Tae Seob.

Then, there is also the appearance of the mysterious Doctor K (Hyun Woo Sung) who kills Kim Hee Woo in the future. Hee Woo also has to fight from two sides with enemies from the past and future.

5. Plot develops fast and satisfying moments

When Kim Hee Woo ( Lee Joon Gi ) died in the middle of the first episode, it was a sign that the plot was developing fast. Most dramas generally take the entire first episode to set the beginning of the conflict and focus on character introductions.

However, the drama Again My Life immediately introduced the main antagonist, Jo Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young) in less than 10 minutes in the first episode. This fast and no-nonsense plot is a clever trick that attracts the audience and avoids boredom, you know.

By Jaya