In recent years, 3D has once again been ignored by many moviegoers. But according to Marvel 3D, “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness” should really be worth it. Is that correct?

After the mega success of ” Avatar ” it was clear: Big blockbusters have to be in 3D. Thanks to the surcharge, this of course brought more money, but ideally it could also be used to increase the spectacle. But in the end it fell asleep again. Yes, some big films continue to appear in 3D and some fans attend these screenings as well. But mostly it’s just an accessory. Almost exclusively animated films are really still produced in 3D, if that happens with a real film like Disney’s ” Jungle Cruise ” it is the absolute exception.

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And when Marvel films such as “ Black Widow ”, “ Eternals ” or “ Spider-Man: No Way Home ” are subsequently converted into 3D, then this is usually not based on a cinematic vision, but only serves to increase income. ” Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness ” was only subsequently converted to 3D, but according to Marvel, 3D was finally thought of again from the beginning.

MCU mastermind Kevin Feige explained that director Sam Raimi not only made the film to be enjoyed on the biggest screen possible, but “for the first time in a long time we’ve really taken 3D into account” .

According to Feige, this is also due to the 3D success of the predecessor ” Doctor Strange “: “I think the first Doctor Strange film is our best film ever in 3D – and this one will now stand right next to it ” .

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Marvel also benefited from the fact that Sam Raimi, a director who loves and lives 3D, has taken over the helm. His previous theatrical film , Oz , never quite got the attention it deserved, but it’s a 3D visual treat. At the time, Raimi filmed the work directly in 3D.

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With “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness” you can already feel that 3D was thought of. The opening action scene, in which America Chavez ( Xochitl Gomez ) and Doctor Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ) are being pursued by a monster in a mysterious dimension, is extremely flat without 3D and just doesn’t look good. This scene really benefits from 3D – and it’s a disadvantage when you see it in classic 2D.

You also notice that 3D is used more often and plays a bigger role than it did in ” Spider-Man: No Way Home “. After all, the new multiverse spectacle also has moments with its monsters or the short journey through countless variations of our world that lend themselves to it. But it’s never really the case that 3D blows you away so much that you absolutely need it or think: Here is the next level of 3D technology evolution!

So, in our opinion, there’s no need for a 3D screening, but if you have the opportunity, go for it – especially if it’s an IMAX theater , as the film definitely benefits from a huge screen and great sound.

An additional advantage is that the 3D screenings should almost always include the first teaser trailer for “ Avatar 2 ” – and in 3D too! We’ve already experienced it ourselves that it’s not always shown before 2D screenings, and if so, of course, it’s only in 2D. However, James Cameron’s latest film promises to be a feast for the eyes again and could also trigger a new 3D hype – at least a very small one.

By the way, there is more about the trailer in the current edition of our podcast, in which we mainly talk about “ Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness ”.

By Arkha