Once again Karim Benzema stole the show for his crazy actions on the pitch. After breaking into Paris Saint-Germain goal in early March 2022, Benzema again scored a hat trick against Chelsea.

Since the beginning of the season (2021/2022) until now, the fangs of the French-blooded player have become sharper. He made record after record at the age of 34 years. How good will Karim Benzema be in 2021/2022?

1. Karim Benzema has taken charge of all the games he has played this season

Karim Benzema finished second as Real Madrid captain after Sergio Ramos left. The main captain of El Real is currently still occupied by Marcelo, but his performance continues to decline. Therefore, Benzema sharpness on the pitch makes the club trust him more.

Since appearing in the opening match 2021/2022 on August 14, 2021 in LaLiga, Benzema has now taken charge of the 36 matches he played with Los Blancos in La Liga, Champions League and Supercopa.

2. Benzema has just scored his third hat-trick of the season

Karim Benzema hat- trick record increases again. This season he managed to affix three hat -tricks for Real Madrid. His first hat -trick was scored in LaLiga and the other two hat -tricks were scored in the Champions League.

Karim Benzema first hat-trick of the season occurred in LaLiga on 12 September 2021. At that time Real Madrid won 5-2 over Celta de Vigo . Benzema himself managed to contribute 3 goals and 1 assist.

Recently, Benzema scored a hat trick back to back in the Champions League. After breaking into Paris Saint-Germain goal on March 9, 2022, he immediately passed it on to Chelsea goal on April 6, 2022 yesterday.

3. Karim Benzema brace record this season is no less impressive

When Real Madrid faced Deportivo Alaves in the opening match of the 2021/2022 LaLiga season on August 14, 2021, Karim Benzema appeared confident. He started the first game by scoring 2 goals.

Since then, Karim Benzema magic has continued to shine. This season, he has scored a total of 7 braces for Los Blancos . Six of those braces were scored in LaLiga and the rest were scored in the Champions League.

4. Total goals scored by Benzema in 2021/2022

Karim Benzema deserves to be recognized as one of the brightest spearheads in Europe for the 2021/2022 season. From a total of 3,066 minutes on the pitch, the player was able to score 37 goals in three competitions for Real Madrid.

It also made Benzema Cream topped the top scorer in LaLiga. In the Champions League, he only lost 1 goal to Robert Lewandowski (12 goals) as the top scorer this season.

5. Benzema total assists in 2021/2022

Too bright, Karim Benzema not only scored a lot of goals. This Muslim player is also good at making assists. He is the maker of the most assists in the LaLiga 2021/2022 season.

Of his total 11 assists in LaLiga this season, Benzema has provided 2 assists in one game three times. In total, he has made 13 assists for Real Madrid. The other two assists were made in the Champions League and Supercopa.

Karim Benzema magic is getting brighter. He became a hero for Real Madrid in winning the 2021/2022 Supercopa on January 17, 2022. Furthermore, will Karim Bersama bring El Real to win the LaLiga title and the Champions League?

By Jaya