Ahn Ji Ho Finally Opened Up About His Character In The Popular Drama ‘All Of Us Are Dead’. The Actor Admitted To A Flood Of Public Scolding And Being Scolded By His Friends In The Real World.

The popularity of the Netflix original series ” All of Us Are Dead ” is undeniable. This also had an impact on all the actors in the drama. Both the main and supporting characters, all get the public spotlight. One of them is Ahn Ji Ho .

Kim Cheol Soo is portrayed as a bullied student who closes his eyes and ears when his friend Min Eun Ji ( Oh ​​Hye Soo ) gets involved in a porn video scandal .

Not only that, Kim Cheol Soo also opened the roof door for his other friends while trying to avoid the zombies.

Ahn Ji Ho himself admitted that he was annoyed with his own character in “All of Us Are Dead”. Even so, he felt that Kim Cheol Soo’s character would be a valuable experience in his career in South Korean entertainment. Being highlighted, take a peek at a series of portraits of Ahn Ji Ho below!

1. Marvel Fans
The Capricorn zodiac actor is a fan of the Marvel Universe, you know. Ahn Ji Ho confessed that his dream as a child was to become Iron Man. He even had time to capture the moment with Iron Man and Captain America in a funny portrait.

2. Friendship With Yoon Chan Young
Ahn Ji Ho turned out to have been friends with Yoon Chan Young long before the drama project “All of Us Are Dead” started. The two of them had worked together in the drama ” Nobody Knows ” in 2020. On February 7, they visited the drama merchandise exhibition site.

3. Outstanding Actor
The acting ability of the actor who is even 18 years old has been recognized by the public. The reason is, Ahn Ji Ho has won a number of prestigious awards from the acting world. He has brought home the Independent Star Award at the 2018 Seoul Independent Film Festival and the Best Young Actor trophy from the 2020 SBS Drama Awards.

4. Fishing Hobby
The young actor Ji Jin Hee in the drama ” Move To Heaven ” turned out to be a fishing hobby, you know. Ahn Ji Ho loved the ocean so much that he took up the hobby. He sometimes snaps a sea view while waiting for his fishing hook to catch fish.

5. Animal Lover
Judging from his Instagram account, Ahn Ji Ho is an animal lover, the star of the film ” Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days ” often shares his exciting moments when playing with dogs and cats on his Instagram Story.

6. Successful Fanboy
The actor who was born on January 5, 2004 is a fanboy of singer IU . Because of his fans, Ahn Ji Ho claimed to want to work together in an acting project with the singer of the song “Blueming”. He had made the public jealous because he took a selfie with IU when he met at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards.

7. Photogenics
The actor who is trusted to play J-Hope in the drama ” Youth ” is known as a photogenic actor. Ahn Ji Ho looks cool just sitting on the sidewalk with his face slightly covered with a hat. The post received praise from fans.

8. Fashionable
Ahn Ji Ho managed to exude the charm of boyfriend materials through his very fashionable fashion . He combined a white t-shirt with a baby gray hoodie along with a parachute jacket of the same color. To make it even cooler, Ahn Ji Ho wore black pants and white sneakers .

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