MotoGP 2022 competition is increasingly fierce. The proof, there are three different racers who are able to win the race. In fact, Aprilia was finally able to break the egg by winning for the first time in the premier class at the Argentine GP.

Seeing the increasingly fierce competition, Alex Rins has his own views. The Suzuki Ecstar racer was not surprised by the current conditions. Why is that?

1. Only three racing series, MotoGP 2022 is already going tight

MotoGP 2022 is only three racing series. However, the excitement presented really spoils anyone who watches. Imagine, there have been 3 racers who won the race and 9 racers on the podium in 3 racing series.

Alex Rins was one of 9 drivers who finished in the podium zone. He was able to do it at the Argentine GP race last weekend. His position was terkerek to rank 4 standings with 36 points.

2. Alex Rins is not too surprised by the tightness of the championship in 2022

Given the intense competition in the championship this season, Alex Rins admitted that he was not too surprised. Because, for the last 2 years, the MotoGP premier class has been tight and has involved almost all teams competing for the leading position.

“I’m not too surprised, because in 2020 and 2021, the level of competition is getting deeper with every race. There are 9 different racers on the podium in 3 racing series. Please wait until the end of the season, it’s going to be interesting,” Rins said .

3. Alex Rins complained about two problems during the Argentine GP race, what were they?

In connection with the Argentine GP race, Alex Rins complained about two things that made it difficult for him during the race even though he finished in the podium zone. First, the motorcyclist number 42 complained about the bumpy track. Then, he highlighted the poor grip of the bike.

“It was very difficult to ride around the bump , but in the end I got used to it. Poor grip was a more serious concern on Sunday and I found it worse than the bumpy track problem. That’s why we talked about it at the Safety Commission because it’s on the line for next season,” Rins said .

4. Determined to continue the positive trend in American Grand Prix racing

Alex Rins actually did not expect to be on the podium in the race that took place at the Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit. With this result, he is determined to continue the positive trend when the race is held at the Circuit of The Americas (COTA) this weekend.

“I didn’t expect a podium. It’s been a long time since I’ve stood on the podium in a race. We want to continue our work from last week and before. Because we are in good shape.

Austin (COTA) is a good track for us. It will be difficult for us as the premier class becomes more competitive, but we are ready to fight,” said Rins.

5. Alex Rins has a good record when racing at the Circuit of The Americas

Alex Rins has a good score while racing at the Circuit of The Americas. The Spaniard has won 3 victories there in 3 different racing classes.

Rins managed to win the American GP in 2013 when he fell in the Moto3 class. Then, the victory was able to be grabbed in 2016 when competing in the Moto2 class. Three years later, Rins crossed the finish line again as the winner in the premier class of MotoGP.

Rins’ good record will certainly be an injection of enthusiasm for him to welcome this weekend’s race. However, will victory at the American GP return to his grasp?

By Jaya