Alex Rins has shown consistent performance since the start of the MotoGP New season. Alex Rins Rider Suzuki Gradually, the points are getting bigger and bigger. After reaching the 3rd podium in Argentina, Rins again managed to win the 2nd podium at the American GP (2022)

The results of the race at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) were extraordinary considering that Rins had experienced difficulties in the qualifying session. When the race took place, Rins had to have a fierce duel with many Ducati riders.

One thing that is most clearly seen from the racing style of this Suzuki Ecstar team rider is his composure. Rins can now appear calmer without making mistakes.

1. The 2nd podium at the American GP was Rins’ best result at the start of the season

Starting from 7th, Alex Rins was able to push to the front row and finally finished on the 2nd podium. Rins struggle to push to the front position is not an easy thing. He had to duel and pass four Ducati riders.

“I am very happy. I really didn’t expect to be on the podium because in the first laps I suffered a little. I lost some positions. After that, lap after lap I tried to keep pushing the tires, brake later and overtake other riders.

Then, I was in 3rd position. I have two sectors where I can be so fast that I can pick up speed. I said to myself, ‘Alex, try to finish the race’. In the last few laps my rhythm was not so bad. I approached Jack (Miller) and overtook him. So, I’m very happy for this 2nd place. We have to keep working like this,” Rins was quoted as saying by Motosan.

2. Can race more calmly

Alex Rins looks calmer in the races in the last four series. Compared to last year, the Spaniard did not make many mistakes.

3. Suzuki GSX-RR has improved performance

In terms of the motor there is an increase in performance. Braking that was a problem last year seems to have been resolved now. In addition, the GSX-RR is now not only good at corners; straight trajectory can be bulldozed quickly.

“Last year we suffered a lot in the braking section. However, today I feel good. I can stop the bike by braking slower than others and I can overtake,” said the 26-year-old racer.

4. Alex Rins’ calmer mentality makes racing more consistent

Alex Rins appearance this season is different from last season. If last year he often fell because he couldn’t control his emotions, now he’s mentally stronger which makes him calmer during the race.

“I’ve been training my mind a lot this winter. I also train in the gym to be more relaxed and consistent. The motor has also been improved a lot. The engine is more powerful when bulldozing a straight line. Things have gotten better,” Rins was quoted as saying by Motosan.

5. Alex Rins occupies the 2nd position in the MotoGP standings

After undergoing four series of races, Rins has collected 56 points. Now the difference is only five points with Enea Bastianini who topped the standings. In other words, Rins became one of the challengers for the world title.

“We are still in the fourth race. There are many other series until this season’s competition ends. I don’t know it turns out that my difference is only five points, but we can’t be too proud and have to keep working hard,” said the number 42 rider as reported by Motosan .

The next race series will take place in Europe. The closest schedule is the Portuguese GP which will take place at the Algarve International Circuit, Sunday (24/4/2022). Can Alex Rins maintain his positive trend for the rest of the season?






By Jaya