DJ Una brings new news. While performing at one of the nightlife venues, DJ Una seemed to get a lot of saweran. This has been the subject of much discussion.
There are many videos of DJ Una being cut out on the internet. In his post, DJ Una looks like he got a lot of Rp. 50 thousand. Not only that, there is also a lot of Rp 100 thousand money that the DJ gets.

What made the most noise was the sawer results obtained by DJ Una. The amount reached Rp. 240 million. Of course this number is very large and makes everyone surprised.

They then gave their comments on DJ Una’s Instagram. They questioned what to do with that much money.

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“Wow, that’s a lot, what are you doing, bro?” ask jeur **** account.

“Gpp has not entered the month of fasting. At the beginning of the fasting month, just keep tight & the corona increases. Just blame the worship of the people #sad,” explained the ury**** account.

“Yes, that’s a lot, about sharing it with management,” asked the heur**?** account.

“gpp, if the number of covid goes up, blame it on fasting for Eid,” added the yrt **** account.

“The hotter the sway, the louder it becomes,” said another account.

“He said he got Rp. 84 million, but there are still some that have not been published. He said, the total money he got was Rp. 240 million,” said the *** account.

“It’s shared with his team, not for Una alone, ah,” answered another netizen.

Until now there has been no direct statement from DJ Una regarding this matter.

Previously , DJ Una had caused a stir because of her divorce from her husband, Irsan Ramadhan. The divorce was decided by the South Jakarta Religious Court in 2021.

After the divorce, DJ Una got child custody and received some money every month from her ex-husband.

By Yas Il