Why do Vietnamese audiences when watching Korean movies often whisper and wish “how good would it be if Vietnamese films could also do this?” or even a large number of Vietnamese audiences are really hard fans of Korean movies. Just watching every movie in the land of kimchi, every movie knows it, knows all the names of the cast, and domestic movies can’t even remember the name of the movie. Why is there such a difference, what has made Korean movies attract so much widespread interest in all audiences https://geany.org/p/TTO8L/

First, it must be said that the fairly consistent similarities in culture, lifestyle as well as basic standards of Asian countries in general have had a large impact on the perception of viewers in both countries. Thanks to this similarity, Vietnamese audiences will also feel something more familiar and closer when people of Asian descent find each other. From there, the audience’s emotional circuit will be easier to build because of the familiarity of the eyes, creating a feeling of being easier to integrate than European-American films.

Next, the beauty of the Korean star cast is definitely what keeps the sisters’ heels the longest when most of the actors in Korean movies have very bright and eye-catching looks. Not to mention when watching Korean movies, the audience seems to have access to a huge “fashion capital of cinema” when there are many hairstyles, clothing styles, accompanying accessories … from the actors in the movie. The film has been a hot trend, an ideal model for audiences from small to large to hunt and imitate.

Remember when the Korean version of the movie Happy House was screened, immediately the fashion of sundresses, clogs and curly hair landed in Vietnam. People, families all race to the shop to follow. Ever since, Korean beauty standards have been the preferred and preferred beauty in Vietnam, no need to be too sharp and angular, just a lovely, elite face , look with the same healthy white skin, have a little “Korean” taste in clothes, your visual will definitely win the “crush” heart : https://shapshare.com/jojosuper

What about the acting of the Korean stars? No need to discuss! From the familiar “banyan tree” stars such as: Gong Yoo (Train to Busan, Goblin…) , Jo In Sung (Something Happened in Bali, Spring Days…) , Son Ye- jin ( Summer Perfume, A Moment to Remember, Chihwaseon…) has been full of “skilled”, easily conquering the audience’s emotions to promising new actors in the current Korean film market. like Lee Do-hyun (18 Again, Sweet Home, Youth Of May…), “national sister” IU (Broker, Hotel Del Luna,…)along with many other names that are making a lot of their mark on the film industry with very natural and honest performances. Although there is still a lot to cultivate and learn from their predecessors, the Korean film market still has a good balance of human resources in the film at a stable level, thereby creating a fairly solid trust. https://zenodo.org/communities/das-seeungeheuer-ganzerfilmdeutschhh/?page=1&size=20 to the audience when mentioning the phrase “Korean movie actor”.

Next, another factor that is also quite important comes from the soundtrack. It must be admitted that the Korean OST really makes the listener’s heart like an ice cube placed under the noontime heat in Saigon. From Moonlight Drawn Clouds, Moon Embracing the Sun, Goblin, Legend Of The Blue Sea to Descendants of the Sun , Landing on You … Any song in the movie when brought out solo can instantly turn into a super Products.

As you all know, music is an indispensable part of movies, music is the most important catalyst and has the most direct influence on the emotions of viewers, so choosing carefully and bringing Having good melodies, in line with the film’s flowing emotional circuit, will help increase the appeal of the film many times over. Have you ever watched a scene in a Korean movie and immediately searched for the name of the song that appeared in that scene? The writer has many times already! https://www.click4r.com/posts/g/5000147/main-t-get-gjgjhghj

Talking far and near is not equal to speaking right to the heart, and this will be the most important part determining the sustainable success of the Korean film market not only in Vietnam but also around the world. content script. It is undeniable that the ingenuity and observance in building the plot plus the sensitivity about the issues that are happening in society have kept the content and stories in Korean films always innovative and diverse. more.

If in the past, Korean films have captured the hearts of fans with full-length feature films revolving around the themes of school youth and tormented love stories, taking away countless countries. In the eyes of the audience, now, even in the television or film industry, Korean films are still showing their ability to conquer the hearts of Vietnamese audiences is extremely respectable : http://allabouturanch.com/forum/topic/new?target=http%3A%2F%2Fallabouturanch.com%2Fforum%2Ftopics%2Fjiga-saha-atuh-cukkkk

Topics opened up from family turbulence, family psychology, action, horror … are exploited in a very complete and appropriate way. And yet, the problems in the dark corners of Korean society are also exposed and brought to the screen a lot, problems of violence, sexual harassment, brutal perverts… can avoid the writer’s pen and the director’s lens. The meticulousness from the selection of ideas, the sharpness in each episode of the episodes, creates one surprise after another for the audience in the movies of the right race, fighting to the extremely invested scenes. The film can be seen most prominently in the series of movies about the pandemic… That is enough for the audience to stay in exile and look forward to movies from Korea.

Objectively, in general, from TV series to movies, kimchi is always the “big brother” from which Vietnam has to learn more things. It is necessary to have innovation from the production stage itself, to adjust and stick to reality in the stage of script development, dialogue, and images to appear to the most thoughtful investment possible for the produced product. It is important that through each film, the filmmaker must leave a unique mark and meaning, conveying messages that touch the emotions of the viewers : https://dotnetfiddle.net/WLYQqY

I don’t know how long it will take for Vietnamese audiences to be truly satisfied with their country’s cinema, but hopefully with their passion for learning and willingness to absorb ideas from filmmakers across the S-shaped land, Vietnam. Soon there will be works that leave an impression not only on the domestic scale but also reaching out to the whole world.

By Yas Il