“What else do you really want?And the question is quite reasonable because we feel that this film can be closed since the 6th film. But that never happened when the audience response to the franchise increased with the addition of the sequel. And now comes the 9th film franchise which is also the first part of the last trilogy of this series (he said). Yep, Fast and Furious already. planned to have an 11th film.

Still starring Vin Diesel as Dominic Torreto, Michele Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludarics, Jordana Brewster. Then the main villain in the 8th film, played by Charlize Theron, reappears. And the new cast is John Cena, who adds to the list of main villains in this 9th series. Justin Lin is back in the director’s chair after missing the last two films. This is the 5th F&F film directed by Justin Lin in the entire franchise (there will be a 6th film).

Continuing directly after the events of the 8th film, Dom Torreto already wants to stop getting involved in chases or missions to save the world. Dom just wants to focus on taking care of his son. But like the previous films, Dom and the team must return to action when they know the threat this time comes not from random people, but the threat this time comes from Jakob Torreto (John Cena). His own brother. A fact that he never told his team, not even his girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). Can this time Dom save the world again and must face his own brother as an enemy? A question that seems very easy to answer.

For those of you who have followed the F&F series from the first film, you must have found a drastic change in the series from what initially only told about wild races to become an action film that saves the world that is not logical or makes no sense anymore. What a contrasting change, isn’t it? So it seems that our reason for watching every new F&F series is no longer expecting a solid story plot, but rather wanting to get an entertaining viewing package without having to think hard about the story. That’s what you will get in this series. Action that is bigger than the previous series which culminated in a trip to outer space in a car. Yes you read correctly, to outer space by car..

For the characters themselves, none of them stand out among the other characters. Even if there is something that attracts attention, it is the character of Roman Pearce who is characteristic of his character issuing jokes or jokes that provoke laughter. However, we have seen this in previous films. while for John Cena himself in this film as needed to attract the audience’s interest rather than needed for the sake of the story. At least it worked. Seeing Cena wrestle with Vin Diesel could be interpreted as a kind of consolation not to be involved anymore at all Dwayne Johnson.

This F9 will be the most entertaining spectacle you can watch if you get rid of logical things or expect a better story plot before watching. There is no need to show your intelligence by noting a lot of irrational action scenes after action scenes. In this F&F universe Abert Einstein is the dumbest person ever born. And I’m on the side of the audience who has removed all logical things or thought about the plot of the story that makes me enjoy every moment of the action, which is unusually unbearable. I still want to watch the sequel no matter how many times it gets produced

By Kania