They are fearless even if they have to face death before them. However, not all hero characters have the same courage when dealing with death.

A number of hero characters, who are also the main or supporting protagonists, are actually afraid to face death. At first glance, they can indeed be considered cowards. But, on the part of most fans, these heroes are not unrelated to them.

Death is a terrible concept for some people. So, when they saw these death-fearing characters, they were a little relieved. At least, they see that this hero character is still like them. However, what keeps these characters great is their talent to shake off that fear and do what’s right.

10. Erwin — Attack on Titan

Erwin looks like a fearless leader. He confronts the Titans and calmly adapts to surprising revelations including the discovery of the Titan Modifier. Titan broke his arm and still has thoughts of motivating his soldiers and saving Eren. But, Erwin values truth above all else.

He hopes to one day find the purpose of death and violence. However, he will never achieve his dream. He chose to lead his troops on a suicide mission against the Beast Titan. Erwin was clearly terrified at the last moment. But, he still managed to shake off his fears and lead a successful mission.

9. Killua — Hunter X Hunter

Killua is part of a family of notorious assassins who are always preached by one rule: only attack when success is guaranteed. But, Killua was very careful in battle. He changed his strategy based on his chances of winning. During Hunter X Hunter , Killua displayed his great fear of dangerous situations.

He can’t handle his anxiety, unlike Gon. Later, it is revealed that his older brother, Illumi, inserted a Nen needle into Killua’s brain. This forced him to flee from danger. However, even though the needle was later removed, Killua still showed his fear of death. He was never reckless when fighting.

8. Suiryu — One Punch Man

Suiryu is introduced as a formidable martial artist who competes in the Super Fighting Tournament. He personifies coolness with a charismatic demeanor, a solid physique, and all-encompassing skills. Apart from Saitama, he dominates all his enemies until the dragon level threat Gouketsu appears and turns a number of competitors into monsters.

This proved too much for Suiryu to handle. Eliminated by monsters and facing death, Suiryu pleads to be saved by a hero. His cold demeanor turned into a fear of death. Luckily, Saitama answered his request.

7. Yuji — Jujutsu Kaisen

At first, Yuji seemed like a fearless teenager. He defends his friends from cursed spirits and swallows Sukuna’s finger in order to gain the power to protect others. Some consider this to be his true nature, with Yuji unaware of the seriousness of the situation he is in.

However, Yuji later dismissed this theory after facing the curse of a special class for the first time. This protagonist immediately knows the difference in strength and is convinced that his life ends there. He cursed his own weakness. He wished he had the power to make a difference. He was afraid to die without making any impact on the world.

6. Zenitsu — Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Zenitsu is a coward who lands the most dangerous job in the world. Hunting demons requires a high level of emotional control—feel the fear but don’t let it consume you. But, time and time again, Zenitsu lets his fears take over and prevent him from doing his job.

He refused to enter the forest controlled by the devil. As a result, Tanjiro and Inosuke also have to do all the work. Zenitsu also spends most of his time crying when facing humanity’s greatest enemy. Zenitsu was able to last so long because of his talent. But, his cowardice could one day be his downfall.

5. Takemichi — Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi is a perversion of the anime’s protagonist. He lacks skill and courage than many of the main characters. This crybaby is always afraid when trying to explore the dangerous world of gangs. However, this fear of hers was largely overcome by her great compassion. Takemichi will do anything for his friends.

Since getting involved with Mikey and Draken, Takemichi has played an influential role in the brawl and continues to get into more dangerous situations. He was clearly still afraid of death. But, he was much more afraid to see his friend suffer.

4. Knov — Hunter X Hunter

Knov is a skilled and experienced Hunter brought in to aid Netero during the Chimera Ant Extermination story arc. He personified coolness, unaffected and calm despite seeing the live evolution of Chimera Ants. Knov had completed his expertise on his Nen. He creates a powerful and practical ability that involves creating a Nen room that only he can access—and the one he wants.

As a result, it was surprising when Knov had a mental breakdown while experiencing Nen Shiapouf. That sadistic aura turned out to be too big for him to bear. He could no longer play an important role in the team’s final plans. Knov was afraid of death, but he was more afraid of being tortured by evil ants.

3. Al — Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

After attempting to revive their mother using alchemy which tragically backfires, Edward is forced to bind his sister’s soul to a suit of armor, sacrificing Alphonse’s entire body to The Truth in the process. As a lump of metal, Alphone is immune to any physical injury and can manipulate its metal to aid him in battle. However, Alphonse had lost the little things that made him human.

He wants his humanity to return one day. He can no longer eat or sleep and miss feeling human touch. Edward’s younger brother began to fear death before he could feel human again.

2. Light — Death Note

Light has three roles at once, namely hero, antihero and villain. The status is also up to the opinion of the audience. Light didn’t seem too scared as he confidently accepted L’s challenge after the detective had initially outmaneuvered him. Light then uses the Death Note with a combination of intellectual endurance to rule the world.

He didn’t seem to mind taking the lives of others as long as he could justify the killings being necessary for a safer world. But when faced with his own life, Light shows all that is too relatable to self-defense. In his final moment, he begs Ryuk to spare his life, not take it. Like the others, Light doesn’t want to die.

1. Usopp — One Piece

Usopp is a valuable member of the Straw Hat Pirates. But, he is also a true coward. While this sniper has many outstanding qualities, courage is not one of them. He is known to prefer to run away from enemies who clearly outperform him. He left his friend who continued the fight without him. While Usopp hopes to stay alive, his actions are driven by more than the fear of death.

He struggled with confidence and was convinced that he lacked a useful skill. He considers himself a burden to his friends and crew. Usopp is clearly improving in the face of his cowardice. However, he still has a long way to go before he reaches the level of Luffy and Zoro’s bravery.

By Ichong