Koji Masunari is a Japanese director who is quite experienced in working on various animated series titles. Koji is also one of the figures who directed an anime series that is currently popular, namely Blue Period .

In addition to being a director, he is also often trusted as the person who handles storyboards . Some of his anime works are also worth watching, you know. Below are five anime directed by Koji Masunari. Anything, huh? Come on, see together!

Blue Period : In the process of producing Blue Period , Koji has an important role because he is lined up as chief director or main director. Blue Period itself is an anime genre drama and slice of life adapted from the manga by Tsubasa Yamaguchi.

Blue Period tells the story of Yatora Yaguchi, a high school student who is smart and gets good grades at his school. Even so, Yatora always felt that something was missing in his life.

Once, Yatora saw a painting that made him feel amazed. Because of the painting, Yatora is determined to join the art club at his school and expresses his ambitions and feelings through painting.

Know Marrionette R : In the process of producing the miniseries Saber Marionette R, Koji also served as the main director. The series is an anime by studio Zero-G Room released in 1995. It is also the fourth installment in the Saber Marionette series .

This action, comedy, and sci-fi genre anime series tells the story of Junior, the heir to the Romana throne who is protected by his Marionette, namely Cherry, Lim and Bloodberry. Suddenly, Star Face who is known as the bad guy and his Marionettes called Sexadolls come to attack Romana. Therefore, Junior and the Marionettes who guard him prepare to battle with Star Face to protect the Romana kingdom.

Kamichu! : In the process of working on Kamichu!, Koji was appointed as the series production director or the director of the serial production section. This anime is a series by studio Brain’s Base with comedy, supernatural, and slice of life genres . Thanks to the hard work of Koji and his team, Kamichu!

The series, which aired in 2005, tells the story of Yurie, a middle school student who feels that one night she has become a god. Hearing this, Matsuri, who is Yurie’s friend, innocently promotes Yurie as the new god at her family’s Shinto shrine.

Matsuri hopes that by changing the deity, the shrine can become more popular. Because of Matsuri, Yurie has to do jobs that gods think they can do, such as granting wishes and curing illnesses.

Magi : Magi is a series by studio A-1 Pictures with the genre of action, adventure, and fantasy. This anime series consists of two seasons. The first season is titled Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, while the second season is titled Magi: Kingdom of Magic. Both were directed by Koji Masunari.

This anime is about Aladdin, a boy with blue hair who can use the power of a giant genie just by blowing a flute. Unintentionally, an incident brought Aladdin together with a man named Alibaba. Their meeting hints the two of them on a long adventure that makes them both friends.

By Rama