hen watching anime, not a few fans pay attention to many things other than focusing on the storyline. In addition to considering the anime storyline that is not boring, the selection of songs, voice actors, and designs did not escape the attention of anime fans. However, lately many anime fans actually expect a good design rather than paying attention to other aspects.

For the writer himself, this expectation is not wrong. However, instead of just focusing on the visuals of an anime, in fact there are also anime that can still be successful even though they have designs that are not as grand as other anime, you know.

You could say, this series of anime has its own charm in the storyline so that many fans are starting to be captivated to watch it. So as not to be curious, here are five anime with simple designs that managed to captivate fans. Let’s see one by one, shall we!


Ranking of Kings : Ranking of Kings does have a simpler design than other anime. However, who would have thought that the emotional storyline in each episode made this anime even more interesting for fans to follow. In fact, as reported by MyAnimeList, this anime by Wit Studio managed to become the best anime for the Fall 2021 period.

Released on October 15, 2021, Ranking of Kings does feature an emotionally draining adventure rather than just selling visuals. But that doesn’t mean the visuals of this anime can be underestimated. The simple visuals actually add a suitable impression if we juxtapose it with the storyline.

This anime tells about a prince named Bojji, who is always belittled because of his limitations in hearing and speaking. He is one of the princes who are candidates for the next king, however, is considered weak because he is not good at fighting. He then met the Kage who finally wanted to be friends with Bojji while taking care of him. The two of them then go on an adventure to become strong and worthy to become the next king.

Odd Taxi : Odd Taxi is one of the anime for the Spring 2021 period that has successfully wowed the audience. You could say, the appeal of this anime lies in its storyline which is full of surprises and is quite related to the reality of life. When talking about the visuals of this anime, the design of Odd Taxi is indeed simpler, but even though it doesn’t reduce its quality.

This anime tells about a taxi driver named Odokawa. However, because of his profession, he also often listens to the complaints of each of his customers. He can also remember many people with just one look.

One day, Odokawa is suspected of kidnapping a high school student. Although it has not been proven true, many people are starting to target him because Odokawa may have hidden evidence that could reveal this case. He also begins to get involved with more life-threatening problems and reopens memories of his dark past.


Tower of God :Tower of God is one of the most popular manhwas , so it’s no wonder that the anime adaptation was highly anticipated by fans. Produced by Telecom Animation Film, the anime, also titled Kami no Tou , does present an exciting storyline in every episode, even though the design does not meet the expectations of some fans.

This anime tells of a tower that is believed when someone reaches the top, then that person’s wish will be granted. Yoru and Rachel are two people who live outside the tower. One day, Rachel is determined to climb the tower and leave Yoru.

Although initially separated, Yoru also has a desire to stay with Rachel and decides to climb the tower as well. To climb each tower, the candidates will get a difficult test on each floor. Yoru is faced with various life-threatening trials on his way to climb the tower in search of Rachel.

By Rama