After waiting for almost 3 years, Scott Lang aka Ant-Man is back on the cinema screen in his sequel entitled ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’. And as seen from the title, Ant-Man will not play alone this time, he is accompanied by a colleague named ‘The Wasp’, Hmm, how about their duet performance in this sequel film?

Still Comes with Action
Yes, it turns out that this second sequel is still a comedy wrapped in action. Not action wrapped in comedy, yes, but comedy wrapped in action. Like the first film, more comedy nuances than the action of an Ant-Man. Even if there is an action scene, it will certainly not be separated from the comedy element that is so strongly attached to Paul Rudd’s image as Ant-Man. And now, Evangeline Lilly who plays the role of The Wasp also enliven the ranks of characters in the Ant-Man series.

Honestly, I already liked her role as Hope Van Dyne who is strong, smart and mighty in the first film. This strong female character is increasingly shown in the second film this time, especially when she wears The Wasp costume and performs heroic actions that are not inferior to Ant-Man.

Of the most action scenes in this film, Evangeline Lilly can execute all the scenes with a strong, perfect and flawless. Confidence and inner strength as a smart and strong woman has been shown since the beginning of the film, and it becomes clearer towards the end of the film. You could say, Evangeline Lilly is really suitable to play the character of The Wasp.

But even so, that doesn’t mean he can’t do funny and tickling scenes. Many jokes thrown by Paul Rudd and other characters can be returned well. He can blend into the comical theme of the film, without looking stiff and tense at all. The chemistry between The Wasp and Ant-Man is also seen without distance, thus successfully convincing the audience that they are a compact and harmonious superhero couple .

In addition to the emergence of The Wasp as a new character, many successful ‘ trademarks ‘ from the first film are re-appeared in this film. If in the X-Men franchise we always wait for Quicksilver’s typical scenes, in Ant-Man this time it’s a Michael Pena-style flashback scene that successfully stirred the audience’s stomach in the first film.

This comedy scene is one of the factors why I say that Ant-Man is the most comical superhero from the MCU. We won’t find this level of comedy in Black Panther or Captain America, and maybe very little in Thor: Ragnarok. Truly a hallmark of Ant-Man films, nothing else.

But even though this sequel film manages to bring back something that worked in the first film, there are some things that make me ‘itch’ which might be considered as the shortcomings of this film sequel.

Many ‘holes’ in the story
Look at your social media, do you feel the hype for the Ant-Man and The Wasp film? Are people talking about this movie the way Thor, Black Panther or Avengers: Infinity War came out?

Personally, I didn’t feel the same hype when the 3 films aired, people even tend to forget that Ant-Man and The Wasp will be out this July. I forgot myself, if only my friends at WatchmenID didn’t remind me. I also wonder, how come this MCU franchise film is less attractive to many people?

And after watching this film, the quality of the story is much different from other MCU superhero films . If Thor tells the vast MCU world and Captain America tells the conspiracy HYDRA and SHIELD, Ant-Man only tells one small thing that no other superhero can compare . The plot of the story is trivial, small, and light when compared to other MCU superhero series .

Forget the heavy and deep stories like Captain America, this Ant-Man sequel only tells one simple thing that you might remember easily. There are no meaningful subplots , no mysteries for the audience to solve on their own. Everything is explained very clearly by the characters in the film.

In other words, the conflict that is told in this sequel film is not strong and tends to be too simple. Viewers can easily guess what will happen in the next scene, how the fate of one character will be and how the film ends. Exactly how we felt in the first Ant-Man movie.

The transitions between scenes are not smooth, which often makes me as a viewer often confused. Not understanding a scene perfectly, the scene has been replaced with a rough and rushed transition.

But yeah, I can’t complain either. Because the main theme of this Ant-Man film is comedy wrapped in action, therefore a light story is needed so that the comedy elements can ‘permeate’ perfectly in the minds of the audience.

By Kania