Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is ready to be released in less than two months. Ahead of its release, one character that deserves attention, America Chaves .

Director Sam Raimi, who worked on the sequel to Doctor Strange, said America Chaves ( Xochitl Gomez ) would be a teacher for Doctor Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ).

The hero, who is still a teenager, will teach the multiverse to the Avengers.

“Strange is still studying the multiverse,” said Sam Raimi, quoted from Comicbook, Friday (17/3/2022).

America Chaves does have the ability to explore the multiverse. So it is not surprising that he is suitable to be a teacher for Doctor Strange aka Stephen Strange.

Talking about the multiverse, Benedict Cumberbatch does not deny that the figure of Doctor Strange being played is on the verge of confusion.

“Strange was almost a stranger to himself,” said Cumberbatch.

Even so, the 45-year-old actor promised, “it a big, big movie.”

Even Benedict Cumberbatch optimistically believes that Doctor Strange 2 will be as successful as Spider-Man: No Way Home.

For information, the latest Spider-Man series set a record as the highest-grossing movie during the pandemic. In addition, it is also the highest-grossing movie of all time at number three.

Doctor Strange 2 did not rule out the possibility of repeating this success. Considering this is one of the most anticipated movies.

Doctor Strange 2 is planned to be released on May 4, 2022 in Indonesia. After this announcement, however, Disney removed the release date.

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By Jaya