Appearing Everywhere, KWANGYA SM Turns Out To Make Netizens Get Bored And Sick

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For The Uninitiated, KWANGYA Is A World Where Avatars Live. This World Was First Introduced In Aespa’s Debut Music Video, ‘Black Mamba,’ And Continues To Appear In Other SM Artists’ MVs.

SM Entertainment has been aggressively promoting KWANGYA since AESPA’s debut in November 2020. Appearing everywhere, this new SM concept is apparently not very liked by netizens who are getting bored and even fed up.

For the uninitiated, KWANGYA is a world where avatars live. This world was first introduced in aespa’s debut music video, “Black Mamba.”

However, KWANGYA continues to appear in music videos and song lyrics of other SM artists. Even the global audition of the company founded by Lee Soo Man is also themed KWANGYA.

On March 2, 2022, a netizen started a discussion on Twitter about KWANGYA who seems to be SM’s new “obsession”. According to the netizen, this concept is actually strange.

“I will express my honest thoughts. I like the fantasy world of fairy tales more than KWANGYA or Koongkwang or any world. That’s weird. I hope Red Velvet doesn’t enter the world of KWANGYA and live (in their own world),” wrote the netizen.

Another netizen commented on online community Pann, “I liked SM long before KWANGYA. Every group has its own uniqueness so I like it. But nowadays, all SM groups are about KWANGYA. So I’m getting bored. They even call their audition ‘ KWANGYA’s audition.'”

“I like how they have their own world like Red Velvet’s fairy tale concept, NCT ‘s dream world and EXO ‘s planet . If only they were moderate with KWANGYA, people would find it fun, but they kept talking about it over and over so we got bored,” added netizens.

I like how they have their own concept,” wrote netizens. “Please reduce the mention of KWANGYA in SM artist songs,” said another.

“Is there anyone other than elementary school kids who like him? I really don’t get it. To be honest, when they mention KWANGYA in their lyrics, there’s no context or meaning. I feel like they’re just ruining the song by trying to connect their world. joke, very annoying,” concluded another.

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