The Video Of GOT The Beat’s Appearance Immediately Became A Hot Topic For Netizens. One Of The Topics That Is Widely Discussed Is Winter’s Facial Expression When Appearing With His Seniors At The Agency.

Winter aespa be part of the project SM Entertainment girl group, Girls On Top : Got The Beat. But netizens criticized his facial expressions when appearing with other members on stage.

GOT The Beat consists of a strong lineup including Girls’ Generation’s BoA , Tae Yeon and Hyoyeon , Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy , as well as Karina and Winter aespa.

On January 1, GOT The Beat released a special performance of the song “Step Back” at the online concert “SMTOWN LIVE 2022 SMCU [email protected] KST on January 3, 2022.

As soon as it was released, the video of GOT The Beat’s appearance immediately became a hot topic for netizens. One of the topics that is widely discussed is Winter’s facial expression when appearing with his seniors at the agency.

Netizens criticized Winter, “He only had this expression when I watched Girls On Top’s performance video. Because the other members did so well, his expression became clearer.”

Many netizens agreed and criticized Winter. This is a pity because in terms of vocals and talent, Winter is clearly able to compete with his seniors at SM Entertainment.

“Every time I see him performing, I feel like he can’t even lip sync,” commented netizens. “Aespa members always look expressionless all the time, so I think it’s just their concept,” added another netizen.

As expected, the seniority of idols cannot be ignored. Senior idols are still doing better. Their expressions and gazes are very good,” said another. “Now you are criticizing him for facial expressions. When I saw their appearance, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all,” concluded another.

Idols are criticized for their excessive facial expressions, they are also criticized for their bad facial expressions, and I’ve never seen you guys praise idols for their facial expressions,” defend netizens.

Appearing with his seniors at SM, Winter's facial expression is criticized

Winter Aespa Is Getting Tired Of Having Short Hair, Says He Wants Another Experiment

After Displaying A Short Hairstyle That Has Garnered Praise, Now Winter Aespa Said That He Was Thinking Of Something Else To Style His New Look Besides A Short Cut.

Changing hairstyles has become a normal activity for K-Pop artists and idols. How not, in appearance, of course, must show something new to the public.

As always, K-Pop idols have also gone through a lot of hairstyle experiments throughout their careers. This is also experienced by Winter aespa where he feels there is one appearance that is considered super suitable for him. Lately, Winter has been showing off a cute bob hairstyle that suits her very well.

In a recent interview with MTV on his official YouTube channel, Winter talked all about his hair and revealed that he doesn’t really like his short bob now which is sure to surprise the members.

It was revealed that the main reason for getting bored with short hair was not being able to try many other styles. However, there are a number of styles that I can do with short hair. Because of that, my love for short hair has subsided a bit,” said Winter explaining his interest in short hair.

After her hair grew long, she wanted to dye it a beautiful platinum blonde. “There is a hairstyle that I really want to try lately. I want to try long platinum blonde hair,” Winter said of her experience.

“I want to see it,” said Giselle who supported Winter to do so. Because of his short hairstyle, Winter has received praise from fans for his cute appearance. But apparently, she wanted to do another hairstyle that would make her stand out even more.

Meanwhile, aespa recently traveled to New York and met his fans in person. Although it was worrying because the three members had flu symptoms, AESPA has been declared negative for COVID-19 .

By Fuzy