Starring and directed by Matthias Schweighöfer, Army of Thieves is a prequel set before the events of Army of the Dead. Learn more in this note.

If you enjoyed The Army of the Dead , one of the Netflix movies that gave the most talk this year, you can’t stop watching The Army of Thieves , the streaming giant’s new production that serves as a prequel to the story starring Dave Bautista and company.

Starring and directed by Matthias Schweighöfer , Army of Thieves (original name of the film) is a prequel set before the events of The Army of the Dead , which centers on Ludwig Dieter (Schweighöfer) who leads a group of survivors during the first days of the zombie apocalypse.

The film – which stars Nathalie Emmanuel, Guz Khan, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Jonathan Cohen, Noemie Nakai and Peter Simonischek – is connected to Zack Snyder’s debut feature film and, like its predecessor, also premiered this year, it has the participation of the acclaimed director, although this time from the role of writer -which he shared with Shay Hatten- and producer.

When it comes to critical feedback, the film was well received by those who know the most about the fourth art. From IndieWire they reviewed: ” The impending apocalypse burns very quickly, but that misstep of the narrative is forgivable enough when there are many other fun elements at play . […] There is a lot of exposure, but the filmmaker employs a striking style self-reflective who leans heavily towards ‘it’s a movie!’ ”

For their part, in The Hollywood Reporter they wrote: “This is a beautiful film, and although the script is not completely logical and part of the comedy is a bit thick, its sparkling sense of fun keeps things going for up to a coda. which connects the story directly to Army of the Dead . Even if this prequel has a rather different tone and ditches the gore, fans of the first film should find it a fun addition . ”

Already on the side of less favorable critics, IGN stands out , where they state: “It is difficult to discern who exactly a movie like Army of Thieves is directed at . It is not enough zombie movie to satisfy that audience, nor enough movie of heists for that other … As a throwaway piece of entertainment, it works well, but keeping up a series of prequels and sequels may be more than this army can bear . “