We already know that Aang had run away and froze for 100 years. During his escape, the Fire Nation who had started the drums of war almost succeeded in conquering the world when Aang returned. We have also mentioned this several times in previous articles.

Well, instead of blaming Aang. There was actually one more person who was really in charge of the Fire Nation war. Not to mention, that person turned out to be the Avatar himself! Wow. How come? This is the explanation.

Roku Avatar To Blame

Loh, why Avatar Roku? Why is he the one we should blame for the Fire Nation war? Instead he rejected the idea of ​​war and remained a wise Avatar, right? Be patient, we want to explain this slowly.

First, Roku refuses and doesn’t want a war during his time as Avatar. His friend (Sozin), who at that time became the King of Fire, just broke his friendship because of different opinions about the war.

Second, even though Roku did reject Sozin’s idea of ​​war. But it was also Roku who let Sozin’s plan work. In fact, Roku never had a chance to stop him without having to ask Aang to wash away his Avatar ‘s sins .

Roku Once Had A Chance To Stop Sozin, But…

Remember when Roku met Sozin as soon as he saw the flag of his country in the earth kingdom? At that time, these two friends fought each other to prove that they were the most powerful people at that time.

Unfortunately, Sozin was brave enough to challenge an Avatar. Roku, who had become a skilled Avatar managed to incapacitate Sozin and had a chance to end his life at that time.

Therein lies Roku’s fault, he even spared Sozin’s life and did not kill him. If by that time Sozin had died, maybe Aang’s task as an Avatar would not have been so complicated.

The fatal thing is that even though Sozin lost, he did not bury his plans deep. He was waiting for the right time to start. That is when Roku is gone. That’s why, Sozin let Roku die when he could no longer help him at the last moment before Roku died.

That’s why the 100 year war in the world of Avatar took place. Is it all Avatar Roku’s fault? Share your opinion in the comments column