The DCEU has started developing its superhero film universe in recent years. In addition to feature films, the DCEU will also release superhero films that air exclusively on the HBO Max streaming service . One of the DCEU films that will air on HBO Max is the film Batgirl , starring Leslie Grace as the superhero .

Well, not long ago, it was finally revealed who the actor would play as the main villain of the film. The actor in question is Brendan Fraser, who will reportedly play Firefly as the main villain of Batgirl . This was revealed through the Twitter account Borys Kit, who is a journalist for The Hollywood Reporter .

Borys Kit further explained that the role was originally almost given to Sylvester Stallone , but failed for some reason so it went to Brendan Fraser. In addition, Borys Kit also revealed that later the villain played by Fraser will have a child who has a love affair with the Batgirl.

For those of you who don’t know, Firefly is a villain created by France Herron and Dick Sprang who debuted in 1952. He is also described as a sociopath man who has a great desire to burn anything. Firefly is also included as one of the villains who most often face Batman in the comic version.

Brendan Fraser’s appearance as Firefly in Batgirl will be his second time playing a DC character. Because, since 2019, he has also played the figure of Cliff Steele aka Robotman in Doom Patrol , a DC series that is still running today. The difference is, the character he plays in Doom Patrol is a superhero, not a villain like in the Batgirl movie .

So, do you think Brendan Fraser is the right choice to play Firefly?

By Kania