Matthias Jaissle as the coach of El Bayern, of course, also feels a bit nervous about this match against Salzburg . Why? Because in yesterday’s first leg, his team almost lost at Salzburg headquarters. Fortunately, in the final minutes of the second half, Bayern Munich could equalize 1:1 through Kingsley Coman ‘s goal .

Faced with Salzburg, El Bayern cannot be complacent. Although this time, the second leg will be held at the Allianz Arena, his pride stadium in Germany. Remember, playing at home does not guarantee victory. Moreover, if you look at the massive amount of news available, their goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer will miss this match because he is still injured. And if so, one door to the robustness of El Bayern is empty. Because Manuel Neuer himself is the person who often saves El Bayern from all disasters.

The Bayern Munich versus Salzburg match itself will be held on Wednesday 9 March 2022 in the morning.

Whatever the reason, Salsburg is a big club and the tiger of Austria. Even though Beyern Munich is known to be fierce, Salzburg also often makes European teams a burden because of their impressive game that deserves appreciation. Salzburg is not a club that is easy to beat. The tactics are worth it. Good ball control. And the counter-attacks are often deadly. So Bayern should be able to learn a lesson in yesterday’s first leg match. If you don’t want to fall and get hit in the cage later.

Junior Chukwubuike and his friends will truly be a frightening specter and a serious threat to Muller, Lewandowski, and Upamecano. Moreover, this is the second leg. It is clear that the opportunity to qualify for the next phase, to the last 8 is still quite open for both teams. And Salzburg will take advantage of this momentum. Although Bayern Munich itself will also be more crazy to crush Julian Nagelsmann’s care.

So what’s the glaring situation for these two teams? Both will be enthusiastic, dominant, and have high guts to move to the next phase. Bayern and Salzburg still do not have tickets and important capital to the round of 8 big. So the intensity of the game is of course with high drama in order to get tickets for the big 8 round.

By Arkha