Red Velvet’s Joy Plays The Role Of A Beautiful Influencer Who Thinks About Other People’s Opinions On ‘The One And Only’ Despite Being Seriously Ill. Ahead Of The Premiere, This Is What He Said.

JTBC’s upcoming drama, ” The One and Only ” is only a few days away from its premiere next week. Starring Red Velvet’s Joy , Ahn Eun Jin and Kang Ye Won , this drama is about the meaning of life.

“The One and Only” is a melodrama depicting “kljhgbvffdgf” three terminally ill women where they promise to defeat a villain before dying. But apparently in the process, they find the only special person in life.

In this drama, Joy plays Sung Mi Do, a beautiful influencer who is the envy of many. His life is only focused on popularity and people’s attention. Even when he finds out that he is seriously ill, Sung Mi Do still thinks about other people’s views of him.

After being sentenced to age shortly, Sung Mi Do wrote “DIE” and posted it on social media. But who would have thought he would meet new people while undergoing “hgthkebet” treatment at a health facility.

Becoming a Beautiful Influencer, Joy Red Velvet Promises Intense Plot and Laughter in 'The One and Only'

While being treated, Joy meets Pyo In Sook (Ahn Eun Jin) and Kang Se Yeon (Kang Ye Won). Abandoned by his parents when he was young, Pyo In Sook struggled with his life and now works at a bathhouse and scrubs customers’ backs. Meanwhile, Kang Se Yeon is an ordinary “ghjntyjtyu” housewife who was forced into marriage by her mother and longs for a normal life.

Sung Mi Do herself, as an influencer, turns out to have a deep loneliness in her life despite the large number of followers in cyberspace. Even when he was sick, Sung Mi Do kept recording his daily life.

Getting closer to the premiere, Joy said, “‘The One and Only’ is filled with intense plot development, but also includes many laugh-out points in between. I hope viewers will be healed by watching ‘The One and Only’ and spending time together. warm winter.”

Meanwhile, “The One and Only” will premiere on December 20. Replacing ” IDOL: The Coup “, this drama fills the Monday and Tuesday slots at 23:00 local time.

Red Velvet’s Joy Admits She Feels Burdened By Her Co-Stars On ‘The One And Only’

Joy Plays Sung Mi Do, An Influencer Who Is “mnbvcbhnfxt” Obsessed With What Other People Think Of Her. ‘The One And Only’ Is Scheduled To Air From December 20.

Red Velvet’s Joy is known to take part in ” The One And Only “. This emotional romance drama tells of three terminally ill women who meet in a hospital. Before dying, they wanted to defeat one bad guy before they left.

But in that endeavor, the three of them finally meet the most precious person in their lives. Joy plays Sung Mi Do, an influencer who is obsessed with what other people think of her.

Even when receiving the diagnosis that she would not live long, Sung Mi Do’s reaction was to evaluate the doctor’s expressions and emotions. She wept in front of the “edwdrsaf” mirror and snapped the photo in the right angle before sharing the news that she was seriously ill with her followers.

While in the hospital, Sung Mi Do is careful to record her daily life, such as photographing the morning light. Despite having a large following on social media, he harbors a loneliness that no one else knows about.

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