Pictures to direct superhero films such as Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), to Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) and is involved in all films in the DC Extended Universe storytelling universe . , Zack Snyder began his feature film directorial career by directing an action horror film called Dawn of the Dead.(2004) which tells about the chaos that occurred due to the attack as well as the attack of the undead on humans. A remake of the legendary film of the same name directed by George A. Romero which was released in 1978, Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead is often named one of the best undead-themed horror films Hollywood has ever produced by world film critics as well as being a film. best Snyder has directed to date.

The latest film directed by Snyder, Army of the Dead , is also an action horror film that places the story of chaos caused by the attack of the undead as the main storytelling theme. However, unlike Dawn of the Dead , a film whose script was written by Snyder along with Shay Hatten ( John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum , 2019) and Joby Harold ( King Arthur: Legend of the Sword)., 2017) it also offers a number of other storytelling plots that stand out and make it appear quite different from other films that involve undead characters in the storyline. It must be admitted, those who are familiar with the line of films that have been directed by Snyder before will obviously easily recognize the various characteristics of images or storylines that Snyder returns to present in Army of the Dead . Luckily, elements such as the use of slow motion scenes, the use of high contrast, to the technique of enlarging objects in a number of film scenes can be utilized to make the intensity of the story more appealing.

Army of the Dead opens with the story of the destruction of the city of Las Vegas, United States after the undead attack. These conditions make the government quarantine the entire city so that no one can enter or leave without the permission of the authorities and plans to destroy Las Vegas with a nuclear attack in the near future. Not wanting the money stored in his casino to just disappear, Bly Tanaka ( Hiroyuki Sanada ) hires a former mercenary named Scott Ward ( Dave Bautista ) to sneak into the city of Las Vegas, break into the casino vault, and bring home cash worth more than $1 million. US$200 million. Scott Ward, of course, is not alone. He then recruited his old co-workers, Maria Cruz (Ana de la Reguera ), Vanderohe ( Omari Hardwick ), and Marianne Peters ( Tig Notaro ), as well as new people who have become known for their reliability such as Ludwig Dieter ( Mathias Schweighöfer ), Mikey Guzman ( Raúl Castillo ), and his partner Chambers ( Samantha Win). ). Accompanied by bodyguard Bly Tanaka who is tasked with providing access to various rooms in the casino, Martin ( Garret Dillahunt ), Scott Ward begins a race against time – and the undead who can attack at any time – to complete his mission.

Like the films he directed before, Snyder also has a new vision of the story line that he wants to convey. Instead of just presenting a group of undead whose job is to attack and/or kill humans, Snyder creates a group of undead characters that are different and have a level of intellectual and emotional intelligence from most other undead characters. Of course, the presence of undead figures who have more abilities can provide additional tension to the storyline that must be passed by the human characters. Army of the Deadalso not only presented as a story of how humans survive in the midst of the threat of death that lurks around them. The main plot of this film focuses on the money theft attempt by Scott Ward’s character and his friends at the casino owned by Bly Tanaka’s character. A heist movie set in a zombie movie – an attractive mix that Snyder was able to manage quite well.

At the same time, it’s hard not to feel that Snyder is, once again, repeating the same mistakes from his previous films: an interesting big idea but then executed with a story building that is so limited (read: shallow). Undead characters with intellectual and emotional intelligence is indeed a fresh idea. However, Snyder’s inability to dig up enough background stories about the origins of these intelligences makes the undead feel half-baked in their every move. Snyder’s attempt to give an emotional touch to the Army of the Dead storyline by presenting the child figure of Scott Ward’s character, Kate Ward ( Ella Purnell), also fails when Kate Ward’s own character is more often depicted with a more disturbing characterization. Another classic Snyder mistake, presenting a story with a longer duration than it should still appear in this film. For a film that lasts 148 minutes, Army of the Dead does not have enough story ammunition – with a number of plots that fail to be managed and explored better – to keep the audience engaged with the narrative.

Despite a number of drawbacks, it’s hard not to be amused by Snyder’s presentation. Presenting the film’s storyline in a fast-paced storytelling rhythm, Snyder is able to manage moments of action and horror that feel tense well. The film’s acting department also did not disappoint. Although his acting has never felt special, the charisma that Bautista presents can make the Scott Ward character he plays holds the audience’s attention as a whole. The performances given by Schweighöfer, Win, and Nora Arnezeder who played the role of Lily also provided special memorable moments for Army of the Dead.. Schweighöfer’s appearance, in particular, clearly manages to steal the attention whenever the character he plays is involved in the storyline. Still not able to match the quality of Dawn of the Dead but Army of the Dead is definitely enough to satisfy Snyder fans – and, perhaps, some fans of films about the undead.