However, despite having many friends, Ferdinand did not feel at home at Casa del Toro. Moreover, he was also forced to become a fighting bull. If not, he will be sent to the butcher. Ferdinand wanted to go back to Nina’s house. Can the kind-hearted bull reunite with his best friend?

Btw, before working on Ferdinand, director Carlos Saldanha did a lot of research to expand the storyline. In addition, he also visited directly historical places in Spain. To get visual inspiration and authentic backgrounds. According to him, the colors presented in Ferdinand’s film have many natural tones. Which is very different from the tropical colors he used to use in the film Rio (2011).

Carlos Saldanha admitted that he was inspired by the Spanish landscape and its unique architecture. Therefore, the Brazilian director to explore the beautiful southern region of Spain. Carlos Saldanha then took the extraordinary architecture of several cities in the Andalusian region. One of them is the view of the top of the mountain from Ronda City. in the province of Malaga. Which inspired the background of Juan’s house. Where Ferdinand lived happily with Nina.

Meanwhile, for John Cena, the voice of Ferdinand, the film released by 20th Century Fox is a moment of proof. Because this film is the first time he is involved in an animated film. In addition, Cena also wants to erase the image of a former wrestler. Which, all along, clung to him.

The production team really wanted Ferdinand’s voice to be filled by a man who was big, but with a soft heart. According to John Cena, these criteria fit him perfectly. Rambo’s body, but Rinto’s heart. In addition, the actor who will appear in Bumblebee: The Movie (2018) also admits that he is comfortable being able to fill in the voice of a kind-hearted bull. Who loves flowers more than fighting.

And, as a result, John Cena’s choice to play Ferdinand, it seems, is very appropriate. Because, after airing globally since December 15, 2017, this 108-minute film received a fairly positive response from critics. In fact, Ferdinand was nominated for the Best Animated Film category, competing with Pixar’s Coco (2017) at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

The characters in this film are considered very unique and funny. All their behavior invites laughter. Ferdinand’s own character is considered capable of captivating the hearts of the audience. John Cena, as the voice actor, surprisingly, managed to appear simple and very natural. His soul is very good. Performance is considered to rival Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Last year, he appeared in Disney’s animated film, Moana (2016).

When watching Ferdinand’s film, the audience’s emotions were mixed. Starting from sad, happy, curious, to touched. Director Carlos Saldanha is considered successful in presenting a very light storyline, but quite warm and entertaining. In addition, the moral message of this film is also very clear: We must be ourselves, love all living beings, and dare to act and help others. Therefore, Ferdinand is very suitable if watched with family.


By Fatrick