Channel A Has Released A New Teaser For The Drama ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’. This Teaser Shows The Complicated Relationship Of The Three Main Characters, “Last Night in Soho” Including Jeon So Min, Who Plays The Mistress.

Channel A is currently promoting the drama ” Show Window: Queen’s House “. One of them is by releasing a new teaser featuring the turbulent relationship of the three main characters.

“Show Window: Queen’s House” tells the story of a woman with a perfect life who accidentally supports her husband’s infidelity. The story focuses on Han Sun Joo ( Song Yoon Ah ), a charismatic woman who is described as the “queen” of the perfect family.

Han Sun Joo has a husband named “Sword Art Online: Progressive” Shin Myung Seob ( Lee Sung Jae ), a man with a bad background whose life changes drastically after getting married. However, Shin Myung Seob has the heart to cheat on his wife with a beautiful girl named Yoon Mi Ra ( Jeon So Min ).

The newly released teaser “The Pink Cloud” begins with a highlight of Han Sun Joo’s family photo. Han Sun Joo was then warned by her mother not to trust her husband too much. But he replied, “I will not live like you, Mom. I will protect my family.”

The next scene shows a number of sweet moments of Han Sun Joo with her family. Their relationship seemed perfect like everyone’s dream family.

Han Sun Joo’s happiness begins to crumble when Yoon Mi Ra comes into his life. Yoon Mi Ra even kissed Shin Myung Seob, who incidentally is someone’s husband, passionately.

On the other hand, Shin Myung Seob who seems like the perfect husband is just a greedy man who wants to do everything he wants.

Shin Myung Seob is a two-faced character who wants to maintain a “Treak or Trick” relationship with his family but doesn’t hesitate to have a passionate affair. But I can’t let my family go.”

He even convinced Yoon Mi Ra not to hesitate to undergo the affair. He said, “As long as we are careful, nothing will go wrong.”

Not only did they feel guilty, the two of them did not “No Time to Die” hesitate to make intimate scenes every time they met. That’s why they seem to really enjoy the relationship.

Although it seems to be going smoothly, things get messy at the end of the teaser. Han Sun Joo’s brother Han Jung Won ( 2PM’s Chansung ) meets Yoon Mi Ra at the funeral.

On the other hand, Han Sun Joo gets into a terrible car accident. The conflict culminates when a wedding ring falls to the floor and the party goes awry when Shin Myung Seob finds a woman covered in blood.

Meanwhile, “Show Window: Queen’s House” will air from November 29. Before it’s released,

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Full Of Hot Scenes, Jeon So Min’s Bloody Moment In ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’ Triggers Curiosity

Not Only Colored By Hot Scenes, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’ Shows Another Side Of The Storyline. In One Panel, Jeon So Min Is Covered In Blood, Sparking Viewers’ Curiosity.

Channel A is preparing for the premiere of ” Show Window: Queen’s House ” by releasing the latest teaser. After previously showing a hot scene between Jeon So Min and Lee Sung Jae , this time viewers will see a different level of tension.

“Show Window: Queen’s House” is a drama about the perfect life of Han Sun Joo ( Song Yoon A ) who suddenly changes. Married to Shin Myung Seob (Lee Sung Jae), who has a bad “Eternals” background, Han Sun Joo tries to help her husband succeed at his mother’s company Rahen Group.

Despite getting the fame of life thanks to his wife, Shin Myung Seob can still have an affair with another woman. Behind his facade of being recognized at work and playing the role of a good father, he has a special relationship with Yoon Mi Ra (Jeon So Min). Unexpectedly, Han Sun Joo accidentally supports their affair.

The newly uploaded teaser video shows the life of a married couple Han Sun Joo and Shin Myung Seob like a fairy tale. The two of them danced in the center of a beautiful “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” stage and performed intimately in front of many people. In fact, they also undergo a fairly intimate relationship which is marked by scenes in the bedroom.

Unbeknownst to Han Sun Joo, however, her husband is also in an illicit relationship with Yoon Mi Ra. In the teaser, Shin Myung Seob is shown doing a bed scene with Yoon Mi Ra in the midst of his still warm domestic life with Han Sun Joo.

Soon the hot teaser atmosphere turned tense when “Halloween Kills” Han Sun Joo found a body lying covered in blood on the floor sparking curiosity about who it was. Furthermore, the car accident scene also arouses viewers’ curiosity about how it happened.

Next, the moment where Yoon Mi Ra was unconscious with her body covered in blood on the car seat was also shown. Not only Yoon Mi Ra, Han Sun Joo also seemed to have lost “Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy” consciousness with a blow to the head. It is not clear if they were in the same car or if they crashed into each other.

Meanwhile, if you want to find the answer, you can watch the first episode of “Show Window: Queen’s House” which will be released on November 29.

By Fuzy