Since the 90s, Disney has been known as a studio that produces a lot of exciting films. Throughout 2021, Disney has also released quite a number of films with various genres and concepts. There are animated and non- animated films .

Of the many Disney films this year, there are some that are fun and arguably the best. In fact, Disney itself categorizes these films in the 2021 Must Watch Movie menu on the Disney+ Hotstar application.

Luca : Once more popular, Luca became an animated film full of positive values, you know. Not only that, this film also presents an exciting and fresh story , especially with some Italian characteristics presented in it. The film, which Disney co-created with Pixar, received a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb .

Tells the story of Luca, a fish-man who lives with his family in the ocean. Luca had a curiosity towards the land. Until one day, while on land, Luca accidentally met Alberto. Alberto introduced Luca to many things on the mainland, one of which was the vespa.

Luca and Alberto’s admiration for the vespa made them determined to take part in the competition because they wanted to win the prize money to buy a vespa. Luca and Alberto meet with Giulia and ask her to cooperate in the race.

Cruella : According to Google, Cruella is the most popular Disney film in 2021. With a fashion theme , this film has won several awards, including The Drama Movie of 2021 from the People’s Choice Awards and Best Costume Design from St. Louis Film Critics Association.

Presenting an interesting and unconventional story , Cruella tells the story of Estella (Emma Stone) a child with half black and half white hair. Since childhood, Estella is known as a smart child and has an extreme side in her.

This extreme side makes Estella cruel and likes revenge on others. When bullied , he was never sad, but planned revenge efforts. That side of him he called Cruella. This extreme side is carried over until he matures into another identity.

Charm : Musical and comedy genre, Encanto is one of the 2021 Disney films that should not be missed. This film presents a child-friendly story with an Emmy Award-winning soundtrack .

Tells the story of the Madrigal family who live in a magical house in Encanto City. The house can communicate and obey the orders of members of the Madrigal family. Not only is his house magical, all members of the Madrigal family are also gifted with magical abilities. But unfortunately, only Mirabel who does not have it.

One day, Mirabel realized that Encanto’s magic was threatened. Although he has no special abilities, it is he who is destined to change the future and save the magic in Encanto and the Madrigal family.

Raya and the Last Dragon : Raya and the Last Dragon not only presents an exciting story. Furthermore, this film carries a concept that has never existed in other Disney animated films. The concept is inspired by the beauty and culture of countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

Tells the story of a country called Kumandra which consists of several parts, namely Heart, Tail, Talon, Spine and Fang. Heart is in charge of guarding the magical orb that seals the power of Druun, a monster that can turn all creatures to stone.

Once upon a time, Raya and her father who was in Heart held a meeting between other kingdoms. Unfortunately, the meeting didn’t go well and led to an incident that caused Druun to break free from his seal. Druun then turned everyone to stone, including Raya’s father.

Hoping to make things right, Raya travels to many rivers in search of Sisu the last dragon. Raya hopes that Sisu can help him defeat Druun and reunite Kumandra like before.

By Rama