Are you currently feeling bored? If so, you don’t need to worry because now there is Best Netflix that will accompany your days.

Netflix is ​​a subscription-based movie streaming service that you can watch anywhere and anytime.

This platform has become one of the favorite choices for many people as a movie streaming application, especially for the millennial generation and gen z!

Netflix itself offers a wide selection of movie genres, ranging from fantasy, horror, romance, family, documentary, action, thriller, to anime.

Now for those of you who like and want to watch Anime movies, you don’t need to worry because here will provide Netflix movie recommendations . What are they?

Launching from various sources, here are 4 recommendations for the best 2022 Netflix anime movies that are suitable for your weekend viewing! Check this out

1. 7 Seeds

7 Seed is an original anime movie from Netflix that was released in 2019. Like other original anime movies presented by Netflix , 7 seeds is also very worth it to watch and guaranteed not to disappoint.

This movie tells the story of a shy girl named Natsu who suddenly wakes up with several other people. But now the Earth they live in is no longer the same.

The atmosphere became increasingly tense after the prediction that the Earth would soon be destroyed.

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion

For the 90s generation, of course, you are familiar with this anime, entitled Neon Genesis Evangelion. It can be said that the anime which was first released in 1995 was very revolutionary at that time.

This movie is a sci-fi genre that tells the story of the City of Tokyo 3 which replaces the previous Tokyo City which has been destroyed by the appearance of a mysterious creature.

Evangelion became the only defense that humans had at that time.

3. The Way of The Househusband

This anime movie Gokushufudo tells about the daily life of a main character named Tatsu, a former Yakuza who has retired and is trying to live his life as a housewife.

Despite his frightening appearance, with his koi fish tattoos, scars and his habit of speaking in a noisy tone, Tatsu is actually a good housewife.

4. Kakegurui

The Kakegurui anime movie is about gambling which is very popular. The manga by Kakegurui is written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Toru Naomaru, and has been made into an anime by studio MAPPA.

Kakegurui is set in the Hyakkaou private academy which is approaching its 122nd anniversary, this academy is renowned for its tradition and status where money is everything and the power to gamble.

Now that a Netflix anime movie that you can watch on the weekend, Happy watching and hopefully useful!

By Jaya