The magic of the movie can make us run from reality because it is immersed in the storyline.

To make the movie more realistic, there are several risks that are taken in the process of shooting the scene, sometimes even causing injury to the point of pain, death.

One example is the tragic story of Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow. While movieing the scene where the character was shot by thugs, Lee was shot and lost his life at the age of 28. This incident was purely the fault of the production crew, quoted from listverse

Fortunately, accidents like this rarely happen in Hollywood, especially now that there are already skilled stuntmen, safety SOPs, and medical on set.

However, there are still several shooting stunt movies where the action almost killed the actor. Here, HAI has summarized five stunt movies whose actions are almost tragic.

Johnny Depp – The Lone Ranger (2013)
Who doesn’t know Depp? Hollywood’s most recognizable actor nearly had an accident on the set of the 2013 movie The Lone Ranger.

Depp was thrown from his horse during movieing. Footage of the crash shows just how close Depp was to serious injury. In the clip, Depp is seen sliding to the underside as the horse is galloping at full speed.

The actor finally fell and miraculously, was able to immediately avoid the horse that was jumping over him. Amazingly, Depp only suffered minor injuries during the incident, and was able to continue shooting the movie after being examined by medical officers.

Isla Fisher – Now You See Me (2013)
The set of the first Now You See Me movie looked surreal when the crew thought Fisher’s struggling acting looks were convincing. Fisher plays an escapologist in the movie, he is in a water tank in the scene.

During the shooting of this action, Fisher was entangled in chains and he is said to be struggling to free himself in the water tank. In that scene, Fisher was asked to bang on the glass frantically, at first the crew didn’t think anything was wrong.

Fisher kept trying to free himself from danger, but he couldn’t afford to press the safety button, which was what made the water in the tank recede, and a safety diver with an oxygen cylinder couldn’t help him because it wasn’t close.

The stunt coordinator finally realized that something was wrong, and helped the Australian actress free herself.

Kate Winslet – Titanic
Although Titanic was the movie that boosted Winslet’s career, she often spoke about the difficulties she faced on set, especially with its director, James Cameron.

Winslet was truly afraid for her life when the scene of the coat she was wearing got stuck in the gate, then she was trapped and drowned underwater. The actress spoke about the incident to the Los Angeles Times and said Cameron was unsympathetic to her by saying “I can’t breathe anymore”.

He thought he was going to explode. And Jim just said “let’s try again. That’s his attitude.”

This isn’t the first time Cameron has nearly drowned one of his actors on his own set. Ed Harris is the same, he almost drowned while movieing with Cameron in 1989, in the movie The Abyss.

Perhaps the actors should think twice before agreeing to act in a movie with Cameron that has scenes in and around water.

Dylan O’Brien – Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)
The Maze Runner is a series of sci-fi movies based on novelist James Dashner. So far, three movies have been made, and during the production of all three, the lead actor, Dylan, had a terrible accident.

On the set, O’Brien was movieing a scene where he was pulled from one vehicle and collided with another. The incident left the young actor with several serious injuries, including concussion, facial fractures and brain trauma.

Production on the movie was shut down for almost a year, while O’Brien spent time in hospital requiring reconstructive surgery.

Fortunately. O’Brien was able to recover from the injury and was able to continue his acting career.

Jackie Chan – Armor of God (1987)
Jackie Chan had more than five injuries on set if he made a list like this. Chan is best known for doing his own stunts in his movies and has broken almost every bone in his body throughout his career.

Some of his famous stunts include when he fell horribly on the set of Project A, he fell from the clock tower through two cloth roofs and landed on his head, almost breaking his neck. Or his incredible jump in Police Story, when he dives from a balcony at the mall then slides onto a lamppost onion and crashes into a glass roof.

However, Chan’s action was closest to death when movieing Armor of God in 1987.

While jumping from a cliff into a tree, one of the branches on the tree broke and made Chan fall, then landed on his back and banged his head against a rock.

The collision with the rock broke his skull and pushed a piece of bone into the actor’s brain.

Chan confessed that he “nearly died” after this accident, but that hasn’t stopped him from making more action movies and continuing to do his own thing.

By Jaya