In The Near Future, BI Will Return To Greet His Fans Through His “The Falls” Latest Album Titled ‘Cosmos’. Consistently, This Soloist Shares Snippets Of Lyrics In Each Of His Songs.

In the near future, the BI soloist will immediately greet his fans through the latest album titled “Cosmos” which will be released in the near future. In addition to attracting attention because of his comeback, BI has also again made the public glance at the calming concept of his album.

On Tuesday (9/11), it was revealed that BI has re-launched “The Last Duel” a new lyric teaser poster for his upcoming song. The new poster shows a snippet of the lyrics of the song which reads, “You are my cosmos.”

Previously, BI has consistently made fans look forward to after his agency 131 LABEL released a teaser titled “What Is Your COSMOS?” on October 22. According to the teaser description, it turned out to be a half of BI’s “Cosmos” album.

This album is like revealing, exploring the love that makes me “Belle” dream about eternity and give everything for nothing in return. What love gave birth to a new cosmos in your life? Who made your heart beat so fast that it was about to explode? This is a story about the times when love was pure. fills the universe and the various forms of passion fueled by love.

It is known that the new album consists “Spencer” of 7 songs. These include “Alive”, “Nineteen”, “Cosmos”, “Nerd”, “Lover”, “Flame”, and “Buddy Buddy”. Of all the songs, BI consistently provides snippets of song lyrics through their album teasers.

Hearing this, fans couldn’t hide their enthusiasm for the new work of their idol. Despite the scandal that ensnared him, BI wants to show that he is still working to show his abilities to fans.

This is not a music video, but this is a film. BI packaged it luxuriously,commented the fan. Hanbinne spirit, I always look forward to your latest work, wrote a “Ron’s Gone Wrong” fan comment. Waiting for this album is very long. BI is very talented and his agency keeps him in the top most anticipated artist, wrote another netizen comment.

Penampilan B.I Bareng Lee Hi Kejutkan Penggemar Plus Tuai Pro Kontra

BI’s Appearance With Lee Hi Surprises Fans Plus Reaps Pros And Cons

Lee Hi And BI’s International Fans Were Very Happy To See Their “Antlers” Performance. But Korean Netizens Were Not So Happy When They Saw BI Because Of His Drug Scandal.

Lee Hi has made a highly anticipated comeback with her studio album “4 ONLY.” The appearance of former iKON BI in one of his live performances successfully surprised fans.

On September 10, Lee Hi shared a special live performance video “AFTERLIFE” featuring five songs from her album. Lee Hi performed her soulful songs surrounded by a live band, showing off her outstanding vocals.

But during his third live performance, BI’s presence surprised fans. Many do not believe the owner of the name Kim Hanbin is shown in the video.

BI did produce “Savior” and also appeared in the song. He surprised viewers who watched the video “Live Performance Day 1 Lee Hi” by participating in the live rendition of the song “Savior”.

Lee Hi and BI’s international fans were very happy “KIBA:The Fangs of Fiction” to see their performance. Many fans expressed their support in the comments section of the video.

But Korean netizens were not so happy when they saw BI because of his drug scandal. He was recently sentenced to 4 years probation for drug use.

“Wow… this is a big disappointment. Lee Hi, I’m very disappointed,” commented netizens.

“It makes me wonder why he is like that. He probably “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission” knows that his response will be bad so that means he doesn’t care. I don’t think I will listen to Lee Hi’s music again,” added another netizen.

It seems he is helping him. I feel they “Upper Story” are both depressed and mutually support each other,” concluded another.

This is not the first time Lee Hi has proven his loyalty to his best friend.

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