Preparations for the first concert tour, TREASURE received a visit from BIGBANG G Dragon .

TREASURE itself is the youngest K-pop idol at YG Entertainment who is preparing for the first concert since its debut in 2020.

Meanwhile, G Dragon who just made a comeback with BIGBANG through Still Life is their senior.

Treasure members, like Haruto , himself admitted that he liked BIGBANG and was the reason why he joined YG Entertainment .

“Thank you to my beloved and esteemed senior GD for a surprise visit during our concert practice,” TREASURE wrote in a post on April 6, 2022.

Through the upload, GD alias G Dragon also posed with Haruto and friends.

Previously, Haruto , a TREASURE member from Japan who also has a birthday on April 5, 2022, revealed that BIGBANG comeback was the best gift.

This was revealed directly by Haruto through Treasure official Weverse account.

Again, mentioning Haruto birthday , Jihoon TREASURE also re-uploaded their photo with G Dragon .

“Yesterday was Ruto ( Haruto ) birthday , but why do I think I got a present too,” Jihoon wrote through his Weverse account on April 5, 2022.

G Dragon itself is one of the respected K-pop idols and has become a lot of inspiration for other idols .

Not only VIP, the name of the fandom of BIGBANG fans, G Dragon popularity has spread to many circles.

TREASURE is an inseparable part of several Kpop idols who openly admire the figure of the BIGBANG leader .

Kpop idols from agencies other than YG Entertainment who openly use G Dragon as their own role models are Jungkook BTS.

This was conveyed by Jungkook BTS through an interview.

Admired and respected by many senior and junior K-pop idols, G Dragon recently made a comeback with BIGBANG .

With the release of the song Still Life , BIGBANG has finally made a comeback after a four-year hiatus.


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By Jaya