Interpreted by Richard Armitage and James Nesbitt, it unfolds over eight episodes in a familiar yet suffocatingly exciting and intricate crime. Stay with me: spoiler-free criticism.

Since Christmas last year, Netflix has been delighting its subscribers with American super productions such as Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio ’s excellent end-of-world satire , Don’t Look Up! , Chloë Grace Moretz ‘s android survival film , The Fair of Butterflies of Mother Fair vs. Androids or the Battle of the Thrones , starring Henry Cavill . That is why it came as a big surprise that a series of British crimes that emerged from nowhere has been unstoppably at the top of the domestic viewing list.

The eight-part Stay Close (originally called Stay Close ) was added to the offer of the popular streaming service provider on the last day of December last year.

for he presents an exciting investigation into a sleepy garden city where, apparently, everyone knows everyone, but no one really knows what other secrets he has about an intricate crime.

Stay with me is a strange mule: it carries the distinctive style traits of American and English type criminals at the same time . The site where the mysterious deaths take place is a small seaside town behind the gods. From a breed where not muscular surfers and roller-skinned kittens roam the palm-fringed beach, but prickly-looking, grumpy figures bang in big coats on forest roads while a hard-fisted and even harder-hearted, burning cop struggling with privacy worries is almost obsessed. the threads of a series of murders – which, of course, alone he believes in the somewhat corrupt police force is the work of a single serial killer.

That’s why at first I thought we were in the gloomy state of Massachusetts now, as we almost always are in similar stories, and I was only struck by the first right-hand drive car that England was indeed the venue here.
At the same time, in addition to American detective stories, this series also feeds heavily on Agatha Christie’s classic English crime stories. The common feature of the latter, however, is that in a place more or less isolated from the outside world, be it the ancient mansion of a train, a ship or a noble family, a brutal murder takes place. there is a little butter behind his ears, and everyone is hiding some dark secret from the past.

Stay next to me takes place in a quiet suburban area of a typical Central England town, where well-situated residents live in neat red-brick houses and have no problem with the sky in a given world – apparently at least (the exact location is not named, but more English towns can also be discovered in the series from the Silver Jubilee Bridge connecting Runcorn and Widnest to the gigantic head in Sutton Manor ). The protagonist of the story, Megan ( Cush Jumbo ), is a hard-working, elegant mom who, after a long, long time, is finally willing to marry the father of her three children ( Daniel Francis ), perhaps forgetting the dark past that haunts her forever.

However, the depths of the small town on the surface are drowned in sin.

Mysterious disappearances have been stirring up moods for years, but they are only handled by a single local cop, the furrowed-faced and unbearably cynical Detective Broome ( James Nesbitt ), each one of a shrewd serial killer – justifying his colleagues, but most importantly himself, why not. he was able to solve a mysterious disappearance case more than a year earlier.

Broome’s investigation of the neck, on the other hand, is made very difficult by the fact that almost every woman over forty has had an affair in the past who for some reason becomes important in the case of disappearances and alleged murders. Among them is Lorianne ( Sarah Parish ), the owner of a cool strip bar called Vipers, whose exclusive club hides a few dark secrets. The world of suburban entertainment, full of sequined-feathered-masked dancers, loved by well-positioned residents, is of course connected to the local underworld by a thousand threads – especially after it turns out:

the sapling of a mobster in a teddy bear with a corrupt police station has also disappeared here recently, and his angry dad is not very picky about the equipment,

if he finds the cops incapable of resolving the matter beyond one point.

But even the declassified elements of the tangled story are characters who have ever seen better days. Ray Levine ( Richard Armitage ), for example, was once a renowned photographer and war correspondent, but today he works as the most hired paparazzier, trying to teach teenage teenagers with their cell phones to learn some of the mysteries of photography. And Eddie Izzard plays a lawyer with impeccable manners and clothing who lives in a miserable neighborhood who has moved his office to the floor of a pet store because it is here that he can get the cheapest and easiest access to drugs.

Interestingly, the photographer is played by Richard Armitage, who was seen with a slightly larger beard as Thorin in Oak Shield, but James Nesbitt, who played Broome, was also in the same trilogy: he was one of Thorin’s treasure buddies, Bofur.

By Rama