You could say, anime is getting more global from time to time. This Japanese-made animation offers a wide selection of genres complete with well-developed storylines and designs. Now, anime fans have mushroomed everywhere, not least in Indonesia.

Anime fans in Indonesia are certainly familiar with many anime titles, from the old to the newest. The various characters in the anime have also become favorites for some fans. However, from the many anime characters that exist, did you know that there are characters from Indonesia in anime?

Yup , because of the diversity, it’s not impossible if there are characters from other countries who are included in some anime. This time, the author will specifically review five anime characters from Indonesia. More curious, isn’t it? Come on, let’s review it in full below!


1. Papaya Dachiu (Hajime no Ippo)
Hajime no Ippo is one of the sports genre anime that is already popular among anime fans. This anime follows the story of Ippo Makunouchi who wants to become a professional boxer. Of course, the Hajime no Ippo anime presents many other boxer characters that are no less strong, one of which is from Indonesia named Papaya Dachiu.

In the story, Papaya Dachiu is a boxer from Papua. He is a lightweight professional boxer who is also a national champion. He also has a mainstay move called Coconut Punch, a hard hit that if it hits the opponent it will feel like being hit with a coconut.


2. Elvy Hadhiyat (RahXhepon)
The RahXhepon anime may be a bit strange because the release of this anime itself has passed 19 years ago, to be precise on January 21, 2002. In this sci-fi mecha anime , it turns out that there is one female pilot from Indonesia, you know. His name is Elvy Hadhiyat.

Elvy is a pilot who works for a government agency called TERRA. Although initially he was just a fighter jet pilot, as the story progressed, Elvy later became a pilot of Vermillion, one of the mecha robots in this anime. Because of his background as an Indonesian, Elvy himself also has a code name called Bunga Mawar.


3. Kiki Rosita (Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team)
One of the characters from another mecha anime who also comes from Indonesia is Kiki Rosita. In the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Kiki is one of the supporting characters who also participated in the one-year war as an anti-Zeon guerrilla fighter.

Kiki is told as the daughter of a guerrilla named Baresto Rosita. As a frontliner of a local guerrilla group, Kiki often participates in reconnaissance and gathering information. He also acts as an intermediary for the Mobile Suit 08 team and the guerrillas to communicate.


4. Nadila (Kakushigoto)
If you remember the Kakushigoto anime , there is one character from Indonesia who stands out with a calm personality and sweet makeup. This character is named Nadila. She works as a household assistant at the Gotou family residence.

Nadila’s presence had indeed made many anime fans in Indonesia interested. Not often appearing in this anime, Nadila is told to only work at Gotou’s house in the afternoon. Apart from serving as a household assistant, Nadila also teaches Hime how to cook Indonesian food.


From the name alone, we can tell that Raden Tidat Jihan is a prince even though the character is just a fiction. The character of Raden Tidat Jihan himself is the crown prince of Tidat, a kingdom in the Indonesian archipelago.

Because the anime Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple takes the martial arts genre , Jihan’s character apparently introduces pencak silat as a martial art that he pursues. He is narrated as a student of a martial artist named Silkwat Jenazad. In fact, Jihan’s flagship move called Tiger Attack he also learned from his teacher.

Wow, I didn’t expect that there were many original Indonesian characters introduced in different anime, huh. These characters also have distinctive names with exotic appearances like Indonesians in general. If you see the row of characters from Indonesia on the list above, you will definitely be more proud when watching it, right?

By Rama