Brilliant Night! deal with domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a problem and pain that many people are going through, but not everyone has the opportunity or courage to report it. According to statistics published by VTC16 last year, there are thousands of child abuse cases every year. In which, up to 68.4% of Vietnamese children (under 18 years old) have experienced violence at least once in one of several forms, from being beaten, physically abused to sexually abused.

As a person who has lived and worked in Vietnam for nearly 20 years, director Aaron Toronto and producer – screenwriter – actress Nha Uyen, who is also his wife, had observations, studies and frustrations. to the problem of “domestic violence” in our country. That’s what makes the Night Shining! born.

The film begins with a funeral, when all members of a large family gather. But that is also the time when not only the reunion, but the hidden memories, secrets and obsessions that can’t be thrown away will have the opportunity to arise, enough to destroy a family. At The Shining Night! , which is a terrible consequence of violence.

“Love the whip for a long time”, this is a proverb that our grandparents always used to teach their children and grandchildren. But each era has different life problems for which spanking is not always the best solution. The more modern life is, the more things that make people frustrated, leading to forms of violence and more severe consequences. The frame of reference for education and awareness in children in each social stage is also different. Brilliant Night! I want to portray a series of tragedies of the modern family to warn people, hope everyone should stay away from violent tendencies in family behavior, otherwise the consequences in the future will be very unpredictable.

In the latest behind-the-scenes clip, the cast of Brilliant Night! had shared, opened up about his characters as well as his views on domestic violence. Actor Huynh Kien An recounted: “After each scene where Mr. Toan’s character tortured his wife and children, I hated this character even more. But I still have to try to do well to condemn domestic violence.”

Actress Phuong Dung in the role of Mrs. Gai, who had some violent scenes in the film, shared about her difficulties in acting: “The slap or when Mrs. Gai is hit by Mr. Toan are all real scenes. However, the difficulty is that, right after being beaten, Mrs. Gai will meet the eyes of those who love her . ” It is known that Mrs. Gai is a character with many internal conflicts, when it is she who endures abuse from her husband but is also the one who cannot protect her children from it, even venting her anger on her children.

Violence once created an obsession, in the future it will continue. People who are abused are more likely to become abusers of their children,” said actor Kim B. In the movie, she plays the role of Kim Bao, who is also a victim of abuse and becomes an addict.

The central character of the film, Xuan Thanh, played by Nha Uyen, suffers the terrible psychological consequences of a childhood being abused physically and mentally by her father. She has a mental illness that leads to a divorce and is always in the mood to hug a ticking time bomb. Nha Uyen confided that when writing the script for Brilliant Night! , she took some documents from her friends and relatives around her.

There are many successful people in society, including those born from the finish line, have to find a psychologist. Violence in society takes place in many different levels and forms. Physical abuse will leave marks on the body, psychological abuse it as an invisible thing can change our whole life . “However, Uyen does not want to blame previous generations. The important thing is that in that chain, each of us should try to be calm, aware and break it, so that in the future our children do not continue to fall into that chain” – Nha Uyen shared shall.

Family violence and funerals, seemingly unrelated, are somehow similar, in terms of loss and continuity. Domestic violence is a crime, its consequences are terrible and unpredictable. But not without a way to escape or neutralize. We often tend to keep quiet and avoid violence, especially with family members, and that’s not the way to go. It is similar to the pain of experiencing the loss of a loved one. Funerals are rites of passage, bright lights and music at the end of which we see them off, and then the days we know we have to be happy in order to live. Through the image of a funeral, director Aaron Toronto wanted the Night to Be Bright!raise a positive voice, a sharing to the pain and plight of those who have been and are experiencing domestic violence: dig into the dark, you will see the light.

Brilliant Night! Directed by Aaron Toronto, with the participation of Nha Uyen, Huynh Kien An, Phuong Dung, Huynh Dong, Xuan Trang, Diem Phuong, Kim B… will premiere nationwide on April 8, 2022.

By Yas Il