Every year, the South Korean movie industry always presents the best movies for loyal fans around the world. This year, one of the most anticipated titles is Broker (2022).

Airing since June 15 in Indonesian cinemas, the movie directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda ( Our Little Sister , Shoplifters ) was immediately invaded by movie lovers from the Ginseng Country. The reason is, Broker displays one of the top South Korean actresses, namely Lee Ji Eun aka IU.

It’s not just the appearance of IU, the movie that competes at the Cannes movie Festival 2022 also has various interesting details, you know. Let’s see in the review below!

1. Promote anti-mainstream story ideas
The brokerage started when a woman put a baby outside the baby box of a church. Instead of being cared for by the church, the baby named Woo Sung was brought home by two volunteers, namely Sang Hyeon (Song Kang Ho) and Dong Soo (Gang Dong Won).

Investigate, Sang Hyeon and Dong Soo are “naughty” volunteers who double as baby sellers. Apparently, their illegal activities have been monitored by two detectives named Soo Jin (Bae Doona) and Lee (Lee Joo Young) all this time.

One day, a young woman named So Young (Lee Ji Eun) comes and claims to be Woo Sung’s mother. He also explained his doubts when he left the baby that night.

Through a deal, Sang Hyeon, Dong Soo, and So Young — along with them Hae Jin (Im Seung Soo), the orphanage boy where Dong Soo used to live — finally set out on a journey to find potential baby buyers.

2. Interesting depiction of each character
Hirokazu Kore-eda wouldn’t be his name if he didn’t give a unique touch to each character in the movie. If in Shoplifters (2018) the moviemaker presents a portrait of a shoplifter’s family, then it is different in Broker .

Sang Hyeon is a widower who has experienced the failure of married life. He is also trying to improve his relationship with his only daughter. On the other hand, there is Dong Soo, an orphanage alumni who is traumatized by being abandoned by his mother.

The most mysterious character is So Young. Throughout the movie, we are made to wonder about the reason for dumping Woo Sung until a surprising fact is revealed about the biological father of the baby.

3. Dive into pro life and pro choice issues from various sides
Through Broker , Kore-eda invites the audience to understand the reasons behind So Young’s decision to leave her baby outside the church. Interestingly, the director highlighted the problem from two opposite sides.

Dong Soo does trade in babies because of material demands, but he still doesn’t agree with So Young’s actions of dumping Woo Sung. Soo Jin, the detective, also asked the same thing. If you can’t afford to raise, why choose to be born instead of having an abortion?

However, So Young also has his own reasons for giving birth to Woo Sung (this view is also called pro life ). In Kore-eda’s glasses, both pro life and pro choice are in the gray area. Our job as spectators is to “care”, not “judge.”

4. The line-up’s acting is slick, IU is really charming!
Some time ago, Song Kang Ho managed to make history as the first South Korean actor to win Best Actor at the Cannes movie Festival. The achievements he has achieved are directly proportional to his appearance in Broker .

Playing the role of Sang Hyeon, Song Kang Ho is transformed into a “father” figure in this movie. Although his profession as a baby broker is morally questionable, Song Kang Ho is able to make his character easily loved by the audience.

Small pieces of cayenne pepper, Im Seung Soo steals the show as Hae Jin. The child actor is so adorable through his jokes and innocence.

Gang Dong Won is also proving his capacity as a versatile actor . The Peninsula (2020) star was able to build captivating chemistry with Song Kang Ho and Lee Ji Eun.

Speaking of Lee Ji Eun, the actress whose stage name is IU is the most emotional performer in Broker . The best scene is when riding the gondola with Gang Dong Won.

So Young, who was originally tough at first, turns out to have a fragile side that she refuses to show. Only one word can define the acting of the Nation’s Sweetheart , which is thrilling.

5. Have you respected yourself?
In addition to exploring the issues related to pro life and pro choice above, Kore-eda also inserted a motivational message about the importance of self respect . Each character in Broker is individuals who are “abandoned.” Thus, they tend to look down on themselves because of their way of life, actions, and decisions.

However, people often forget that the greatest achievement in life is not a high position or abundant money, but the opportunity to be born.

Kore-eda packed the advice through a scene that seemed simple, but meaningful. Dong Soo who turns off the light is likened to a pitch black condition when a human is still in the womb, while So Young’s words are like the happy expression of parents when their baby is born into the world.

The appearance of a brilliant cast, authentic directing, and a pretentious script are a number of reasons why Broker is too bad for you to miss.

For those who have watched, what is your favorite moment in this movie?


By Jaya