BTS has collaborated with artists internationally and now a recent Camilo story on Instagram alerted ARMY. Could Bangtan sing in Spanish?

BTS is less than a month away from their comeback with an anthology album , so expectations for new musical material are high. On May 20, Camilo posted a story on Instagram in which he tagged the South Korean septet . After that, ARMY shared theories about a possible collaboration.

BTS: Camilo posted a Bangtan video
The singer Camilo surprised his followers with a TikTok republished in his Instagram stories. In said clip, an excerpt from his new single “Pegao” is heard, accompanied by images of BTS idols dancing to the rhythm of the song.

It should be noted that it is a video edited by fans, since the images correspond to an interview that BTS had on “The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon” in 2021.

“Someday, BTS!”It was Camilo’s description in his story that aroused the curiosity of the ARMY fandom about a possible musical collaboration.

Additionally, the singer responded to a TikTok post from a fan about the long-awaited feat: “I’m dying! ARMY x Tribu!” Camilo mentioned, referring to the fandoms of both artists.

BTS fans on a collaboration with Camilo
The mere fact that BTS could collaborate with a Latin artist is cause for celebration for ARMY, so these were the most representative comments of the fandom on Twitter.

However, some followers did not hesitate to announce their rejection of a work by both artists. The truth isneither BTS nor BIGHIT has confirmed any collaboration with Camilo, so ARMY is waiting for future news.

BTS will celebrate their ninth anniversary on June 13 with “Proof,” the anthology album of their music career. See HERE the recent teaser of Suga published on his social networks.

BTS, comeback: logo trailer
This is how the members of BTS announced the official date of their next comeback to the joy of all their followers. Check out the logo trailer for “Proof” here.

BTS new song
The song that will be the emblem of the new BTS album is “Yet to come (The most beautiful moment)”. This theme has been produced by Pdogg, who was a musical collaborator, mentor and manager of the sound that identified the group since its debut.

The rap line (RM, J-Hope, and Suga) have songwriting credits on the song, but singer-songwriter MAX and Dan Gleyzer also join in this time.

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