What does it take to be chosen by the Bangtan Boys themselves? Namjoon and Jungkook opened their clubs on ‘BTS island: In the SEOM’ and thousands of ARMYs fought for a spot.

If you are an ARMY and you visit social networks, you have surely come across messages that Jungkook and Namjoon left in their clubs in ‘ BTS island: In the SEOM ‘ to the lucky fans who are part of them. Consequently, you may have wondered: how did these fans manage to join the spaces created in the virtual world by each member of Bangtan?

In this note we answer that question and we tell you other details that you should consider about this video game co-developed by the Bangtan Boys.

Jungkook and Namjoon in the game
Since its release on June 28, ‘BTS island: In the SEOM’ has become the sensation of the moment and the Bangtan boys were not exempt from this fever. In particular, Namjoon and Jungkook joined in on the adventure and even created their own Seom Club.

Jungkook user and club
Jungkook was the first to give details of his user. Shortly after the game’s release, he shared on an Instagram story that his ID was “Do I have the face of a king?” Furthermore, he revealed that he created a club under the name “King’s Face” and the description “Only the strong survive”.

It is worth mentioning as a fact that the name of his user is a famous phrase that the actor of “Squid game” Lee Jung Jae pronounced, but in his iconic movie “The face reader”.

Evidently, as soon as he exposed the data, thousands of ARMYs applied to join his Seom Club ; however, at most only 30 could be chosen by the creator and these had to be at least level 30 , according to rules that apply for private circles throughout the game.

Who are the members of Jungkook’s club?
A curiosity that the members of the club share is that they have creative names, which surely influenced the idols in the selection. For example, in the maknae’s private circle there is a player named “Jeon Jungkook’s future wife” and another named “Hoseok’s wife”.

And what is the name of Namjoon’s club?
Namjoon is listed in the game as rkive, which is also his Instagram ID. In his biography you can read the phrase: “Reunion for those who love Namjoonie”. In keeping with his user, the BTS leader named his club with the acronym “Namsamo.”

Who are the members of Namjoon’s club?
As in all clubs in ‘Island: In the SEOM’, the creator can add 30 players from level 30 and above. Among the lucky ARMYs who got a spot on “Namsamo” are: “Kim Namjoon’s wife”, “Yoongi, marry me”, “Sihyuk’s wife”, “Kim Namjoon, I love you” and “Jungkook, let’s get married”.

How to play BTS ‘Island: in the SOAM’?
If you haven’t installed the new BTS video game yet and you don’t know what it’s about. HERE you can learn how to become a pro with the Bangtan game.

Jungkook in BTS ‘Island: in the SOAM’

BTS’s maknae is already playing the group’s video game. ARMY noticed this and began to explore Jungkook’s island, which has already advanced in recent days.








By Jaya