Jimin has always revealed that for him, BTS is more than a simple group that sings and dances towards the public and among the whole world, this time he demonstrated it with a beautiful gesture of his artistic skills, to create a beautiful friendship bracelet that would be the way of belonging to the Bangtan as a family and a seal of brothers.

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According to a recently published video, from the third person, the singer shared a small clip of his artistic creation, confessing that it was interesting to take on this type of work and if no kind of help, because for him, he felt very skilled in doing that show of love for the group, being the first time that the member works in the field of a craft artist.

Expressing that each member’s bracelet contains a different function, since each bracelet is specially chosen for each member with a little difference, as Jimin describes it:

“I have always wanted to try creating ARMY bracelets, it motivated me”

I feel strange learning and filming alone. I always did these things with them.”

“I miss the members even more when I film alone.”

Fully inspired by ARMY, because each fan uses many accessories and the absence of the members leaves a void in his heart, so he performs this act of love.

Its design is based on the consecutive shape of a circle, but at the end it has very polished edges and moves to both sides, with the freedom to remove them as it is, it also has materials with a glossy finish, according to its clip shown, being thus recognized and congratulated by the workshop instructor and by ARMY, sharing this video, who is proud of this finished achievement:.......

Showing that for him, BTS is family and will always be marked in his heart!

By D14N