The members of BTS undoubtedly love going to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and for many, one of the funniest moments on record was when they played a dynamic for the first time on the late-night show.

“ Will It Fit ” was the name of the dynamic and it was about testing the intelligence and thinking ability of the boys to put objects inside other objects in a given time........

The boys had to go through different levels, among which were putting sticks of butter in a fish tank, two boxes of balls in a Christmas ornament boot, 10 scoops of ice cream in a taco shell, 81 candles in a small cupcake. , 19 bananas in a bag and Jimmy Fallon in a washing machine.

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Surprisingly, the boys managed to overcome all the challenges, but one of the moments that most caught the attention of ARMY was when Jungkook decided to put some dolls of the 7 boys on Taehyung ‘s waist , holding on to his belt.

Everything was going well until the fans realized that Jungkook put his miniature doll, kissing with the Taehyung doll and so on, creating one of the funniest TAEKOOK moments in the fandom and their friendship.


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