Year after year BTS creates a series of content to “gift” to ARMY in order to celebrate the anniversary of their debut and this year was no exception. Jin, Jimin, Jungkookn, RM, J-Hope, V and Suga recreated some of their most important moments as a band in a series of photos that were published early this Thursday on the occasion of FESTA 2022 .

For the celebration of this year, the group has published some dance practice videos that various songs, in the same way a series of family photographs came to light that drove more than one crazy, however, those that were published this Thursday are the most significant , because they portray all the relevant moments of what they have gone through.

These moments I recreate BTS in photos for FESTA 2022

‘No More Dream’
Jungkook was in charge of recreating the era of ‘No More Dream’, a song with which they made their debut in June 2013. The ‘golden maknae’ appears dressed in shorts and a black shirt, and a white sweatshirt under his shirt, as well as a necklace that has a large cross hanging.

‘The Red Bullet’ en Seúl
In 2014 BTS held their first concert in Seoul entitled ‘The Red Bullet’, RM starred in the recreation of this moment, what better than the leader of the group to mark an event as important as his first concert, in which songs could be heard like ‘NO’, ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt.1’, ‘No More Dream’ and ‘I Like It’.

New Artist Award
Jimin leads the recreation of the moment when BTS won the new artist award in 2014, so in the photos for FESTA 2022 he appears dressed in a black hat and bandana, a white T-shirt and a black leather jacket with the sleeves in animal print.

‘I Need U’
Another of the band’s memorable moments was when they won their first #1 with ‘I Need U’ in 2015, topping the Korean charts for the first time since their debut. Jin recreated the moment wearing a blue tie, shorts, and a white shirt.

First #1 in MMA Award
With an animal print blazer, black shirt and pants, as well as a bow of the same color, Suga starred in the photographs with which they remembered his first # 1 in the MMA Award 2016 during the FESTA 2022 . If we see the video of the moment where they are named, the idols can not believe that they have achieved it.

First performance at the GRAMMYs
This moment is one of the most remembered by ARMY because in 2020 BTS appeared on the GRAMMY stage with Lil Nas X to sing ‘Old Town Road’. V stole sighs with his outfit from that day which he recreated in these photos . This marked a before and after in the history of the band, from that moment their presence at the award ceremony could not be missed.

‘Dynamite’, primer #1 en Billboard
‘Dynamite’ was a song that took the band to the top of the world music ratings, with this song BTS made history by getting their first #1 on the Billboard charts. From that moment on, worldwide success was immediate. One of the most remembered looks is that of J-Hope, for which he posed for the photos of FESTA 2022 with a black shirt, mustard-colored pants, as well as glasses with orange lenses and black frames.

These photos were undoubtedly a good way for both BTS and ARMY to remember everything that the band has achieved and the difficult path they have had to follow to get to where they are, a band that was destined for success from the beginning. and the images published at FESTA 2022 prove it.


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By Jaya