The Name Used To Store Jungkook’s Number Successfully Stole The Attention.

Korean people usually use KakaoTalk as the main application to communicate. But BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) turned out to be using WhatsApp, and Jungkook was suspected of having four different cell phone numbers.

On February 18, 2022, J-Hope shared a screenshot of the happy birthday Jungkook sent him. The chat format, such as the time shown, is different from KakaoTalk. This is the chat format on WhatsApp.

The owner of Jung Hoseok’s name saved the number for the “golden maknae” in Korean as “Jeon Jungkook 4,” indicating that Jungkook may have had four different numbers.

ARMYs immediately shared their speculations that Jungkook has four different phone numbers. Many even speculate that the 1997-born singer may have had four different cell phones.

Others believe that Jungkook may have had to change his cell phone number many times because of a sasaeng fan who called him during the previous live broadcast. But the fact that J-Hope saved his number as “Jeon Jungkook 4” made fans excited.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently on a long-term official vacation. After a long vacation, the group will focus on releasing a new album and preparing for an offline concert in Seoul.

In related news, BTS has announced the schedule for the concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE In Seoul” in March 2022. The concert in Seoul this time will be held both offline and online.

The live broadcast of BTS’s offline concert will be broadcast through theaters worldwide on March 12 only in the countries listed in the announcement that has been released. However, Indonesia has not yet received a screen share for the upcoming BTS concert.

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