BTS is undoubtedly the most popular KPOP group in the whole world, all its members stand out in a certain area that makes them very special. Although they are all extremely handsome, there is no doubt that Kim Seokjin is the visual king of the group for his clean looks that meet Asian beauty standards.

And of course, so much beauty is synonymous with constantly being related to his love life, although the boy has never been involved in any kind of rumour, Red Velvet’s Irene is constantly present next to his name and users cannot help but create theories.

The oldest of BTS has been paired with Irene, leader of SM Entertainment ‘s girl group Red Velvet, for years. Currently, Bae Joohyun , who is artistically known as Irene, the leader of Red Velvet, she is 31 years old and although she is older than Jin by two years, they are both the oldest of their respective groups.

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BTS ‘s Jin has been named the most visual KPOP singer in front of the cameras, while Irene has earned the same recognition as the most beautiful idol in front of the cameras. Destiny always relates them and, according to many, the idols would be the perfect couple due to the extreme beauty that both carry.

Let us remember that in the past both have been selected on several occasions to present awards and musical shows and even pose together before the cameras, demonstrating that in reality, they are the most visual idols before the cameras. Another thing they have in common is the color pink, as it is Jin’s favorite color, and Irene represents it within Red Velvet ........

By D14N