The beloved act finally returns to the stage at home in South Korea for the first time since 2019 While the seven members (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) mentioned the circumstances several times, it was clear that their return to this same stage at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium was still worth the effort.

expect. . This concert series in Seoul is the third entry in the “PERMISSION TO DANCE” series. Between the initial (all-virtual) kickoff in Seoul, reuniting with the live audience in Los Angeles, and this current channel, the set list hasn’t budged too much. Like every previous iteration, the show started with “ON” and ended with “Permission to Dance”. Like the previous concerts, Jimin is still breathtaking as “Black Swan”. And, like every show so far, “Dis-ease” is still a bop for the ages, and we should all thank J-Hope everyday for giving us this song.

Wherever the setlist changed, it felt like a nod to the Seoul audience. The addition of the beloved banger “HOME,” which was only played as a surprise encore on the closing night in Los Angeles, felt particularly significant, as did the inclusion of “Outro: Wings.” The stage design varied a bit from its US counterpart – a gorgeous sculptural backdrop for “Fake Love” was a nice change from some of the CGI-heavy screens at So-Fi Stadium. “Your applause makes me want to hear your voices even more,” V added. Many artists say they do everything for the fans, but that’s something BTS proves every time they perform.

Through jokes with the audience, callbacks to previous shows (like V and Jin’s “So What” moment), and the incorporation of fandom iconography via two huge whales floating above the audience, it’s clear they mean it when they say it’s all up to the ARMY. This specific broadcast officially signals the end of a hugely deserved break for the BTS boys. The seven members performed on stage for the entire three-hour event, burning through more than 20 of their greatest hits, with Jungkook noting that the lack of encouragement between tracks gave them less time to resume their breath. Although their concerts were notoriously elaborate and exhausting, joy and ecstasy were always the recurring theme of the evening.

While there’s a certain excitement and robust energy around the act when they perform in America, there was an obvious relief and comfort in the atmosphere of this homecoming performance. The members of BTS are both individually and collectively beloved for their duality, and this concert was no exception – as they spent a lot of time on stage cracking each other up, ad-libbing lyrics, or affectionately teasing each other, it all happened on a heartfelt, heartfelt note. “It’s been five years since we released ‘Spring Day,'” RM shared as a closing remark. “Everyone, if we wait, spring is coming.”

There’s a reason the song is so beloved by BTS fans, and the message has lingered with special resonance throughout these pandemic years. “Past the edge of cold winter until the day of spring returns / Until the flowers bloom / Please stay there a little longer.” Then, in April, BTS will return to the United States for the Grammy Awards and four nights in Las Vegas (get your tickets here). Today, however, after one of the longest winters, spring has officially arrived in Seoul.


By Kaka