For nine days, Gramedia Pustaka Utama (GPU) Publishers will hold the Central Room Festival. Opening on July 23, the festival, which is open to writers and readers alike, will end on July 31, 2022.
On the first day of the event, the Central Room Festival will invite a gathering with the theme ‘All things #’. As an opening, the event will discuss about Asian literature in USA :

The discussion will be attended by a number of speakers who play a role in the development of current Asian literature, such as editors Juliana Tan and Raya Fitrah from the publisher of Gramedia Pustaka Utama, translator Gitta Lestari, illustrator Martin Dima, and also literacy activist Arnoldus Iwan, who is active with the @enthalpybooks account on Instagram. .

GPU Asia literature editor, Juliana Tan, said the published works of Asian literature come from many countries in Asia.

“Some books have received great attention, including those from Korea, Japan, and China. Readers are starting to increase in reading Asian books, so we have the potential to look for other titles to be published,” said Juliana Tan in a statement received by

According to Juliana Tan, the challenge of reading Asian literature is to find a suitable translator.

“In a sense, being able to speak foreign languages ​​according to the original script well as well as speak good USA. Often we come across translators who are proficient in foreign languages, but the skill of assembling sentences in USAn still needs to be improved,” he added.

Every year, reading books published in Asia continue to increase. Publishers are also actively seeking to find reliable translators and illustrations that can translate into quality visuals.

“Translation works from East Asia dominate the Asian literature segment in USA. Apart from the impressive content of the book and the way it is packaged, it is also supported by the support of loyal readers,” continued Nina Andiana from GPU Fiction Manager.

For two weeks, book lovers can take part in a hybrid event via Zoom and offline at Gramedia Matraman, East USA.

By Yas Il