Tuchel is urging the Chelsea board to quickly solve the problem of the new boss so that all team members “have peace of mind”.

Chelsea FC has just received bad news when the American billionaire Ricketts family has withdrawn from the race to replace Abramovich. This is the candidate that is considered to have the greatest potential, but has now disappeared.

The Blues have set a time so that interested parties can complete the application next Thursday. It is less than a week for Chelsea fans to gradually picture the faces of the new owners of the club, replacing the old owner Abramovich.

Tuchel is currently the head coach but he has not been informed about the club’s change of ownership, which is quite strange.

The German strategist only knew the story briefly when he was busy in the Champions League. Now that he has left the league and is settled in third place in the Premier League, Tuchel has now paid more attention to Chelsea’s macro problem.

“I haven’t heard anything about the club’s bidding process. I’ve only heard a glimpse, everything is still being negotiated between the club and the government. At this point, it is not my turn to participate. What needs to be done at the moment is to take care of the immediate goals of the club.

Everyone and I hope everything gets resolved as quickly as possible. Although I know it’s very difficult, but at least, everything needs to be clearer,” – Tuchel shared.

When the Ricketts family left the race, only 3 parties remained in the Chelsea acquisition process. The first is Steve Pagliuca and Larry Tanenbaum. The second is Todd Boehly and Jonathan Goldstein. Finally, Sir Martin Broughton and Lord Sebastian Coe.

Almost at the same time, Chelsea director Eugene Tenenbaum, who is seen as Abramovich’s right-hand man, was also sanctioned by the British Government.

“We learned that news yesterday (tenenbaum was punished), it’s not really useful for the team right now. More than that, I don’t know how it will affect Chelsea.

At this point, the team is no longer too distracted because we have been hearing such news constantly. Hopefully everything will be resolved as soon as possible from the British Government,” Tuchel shared.

Chelsea currently has the only target to win the FA Cup when the semi-final against Crystal Palace is in the immediate future. If they win, they will be Man City or Liverpool first. Tuchel has won 3 major titles with the Blues, namely the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup in just under a year.

If this time the FA Cup is added, the end of the most turbulent season in history will be complete.

By Jaya