Chelsea is 13 points behind Manchester City in the Premier League, Thomas Tuchel: It sucks!

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Thomas Tuchel admits that he never imagined Chelsea being 13 points behind Manchester City in the race for the Premier League title.

Tuchel said he was still unhappy with the situation but claimed Chelsea could shine in other competitions, the Carabao Cup, Champions League and FA Cup, as well as the Club World Cup.

“No, of course not. We would never have accepted that before. Never. But this is the reality now and just because it’s like this, it’s not all bad,” he said via the Mirror , Tuesday (18/1/2022).

“If you think about telling a story like that, it’s fair enough and we can accept it. We know what we are doing and we know what we are doing. At the moment we are 13 points behind and we are in the hunt for the top three.”

“So this is the situation. But we wouldn’t have accepted it one year ago. I wouldn’t have accepted it four weeks ago and I didn’t accept it when we arrived at City at the moment.”

“That’s what made us and I really comfortable not taking this job because I work for Chelsea and we play for Chelsea , so when we play we play to win.”

Chelsea have played the same number of games as City. They will face Brighton on Tuesday (18/1/2022), which has been moved forward from next month. The reason, they will undergo the Club World Cup.

Chelsea desperately needed a win to redeem points after losing to City after last weekend. Tuchel regretted the missed chances of Romelu Lukaku.

Tuchel admits it took Lukaku more time to find his rhythm and sharpness.

“Yeah, I think so, at least that’s my experience as a coach that big guys, tough players, take a little bit longer after an injury,” Tuchel said.

“I mean he was already there, he scored the decisive goal even after the injury, then there was that interview and now we are in a new situation.”

Lost 2 points in the Premier League, Chelsea: We are tired mentally and physically

Chelsea lost two points after bringing home a 1-1 draw when they visited Brighton & Hove Albion last night. This point is crucial for Chelsea in the hunt for the Premier League trophy this season.

In the match at the Amex Stadium, Chelsea took the lead via Hakim Ziyech in the 28th minute. The goal was an opener for Chelsea fans so that their favorite team could overtake Liverpool’s position, and approach the acquisition of points for the top, Manchester City.

Unfortunately, that hope seemed to disappear without a trace when the hosts equalized via Adam Webster in the 60th minute. For Brighton, this score makes them unbeaten in their last five matches on the Premier League stage, a good record amid doubts about the team’s actuality in the Premiership.

The effect of losing two points was quite large. Now, Chelsea are one point behind Liverpool, but the rivals still have two games remaining. The desire to chase Manchester City, who is at the top of the standings, has also stalled, even now it is 12 points away.

Chelsea coach , Thomas Tuchel expressed his heart. “You can see for yourself, we are tired mentally and physically. Brighton are very ready because they have more rest time than Chelsea,” he said, on BT Sport .

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Tuchel admits that he needs to put all his strength into solving this problem. “The team has tried their best, but the results are not good. We need a few days off,” he said.

Chelsea ‘s agenda is quite solid. After this, they have to work hard to play the London derby, which is to host Tottenham Hotspur. The situation was not easy for the Blue, especially the recovery process was very limited.

Actually, Chelsea’s fatigue signal that affects the pattern of play on the field, has been seen at Brighton’s headquarters. It took the visitors 14 minutes to take their first kick.

The moment occurred after Cesar Azpilicueta’s shot led to the Brighton goal. Unfortunately, the ball did not go in after a brilliant save from the host goalkeeper, Robert Sanchez.

“Other teams are very difficult to find points at Brighton. We were lucky to take the lead first, and almost could add goals, unfortunately our quality did not show that,” complained Tuchel.